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Watcher of the Woods

by rmr34

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama, Fantasy, OriginalFiction, Romance, Series

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1st pov. Teen+ Never go into the woods, was what they warned, but I... Please overlook the lack of detail and such and enjoy!

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Chapter 1, The Watcher

 Chapter 1: The Watcher

 It happen three days ago, I was on my way to school, and I was late. So I took a trail through the woods that was closer to school, but was off limits for anyone to enter. There was this story about how girls that walked into the woods were never seen again. Some say, when they were passing by the woods, they saw a figure of a man, and that had ears and tails, and when they looked back the figure was gone. 

 Yeah right, I thought as I walked into the woods. Those people that said that were drunker than skunks; they were going home from a bar at dusk. No one really believes a drunk. But the woods were off limits, but due to cause of wild animals. 

 The woods were pretty, though. I stopped by a tree. The tree was huge; the trunk of it was almost bigger than a house. I looked up at the tree. Sun shine illuminated the woods some. It was peaceful and tranquil. Unlike the city or the 'burbs. Cars, sirens, and other human made sounds were gone. Nothing but birds singing, crickets, and the occasional squirrel barking up a tree somewhere.

 'Maybe I should skip school today?' I thought chuckling as I sat by the tree. There was a slight wind blowing that felt good. No one was there to bother me, not even the bully at school. 

 The bully at school was Betty Sweeten. She's one of those popular girls who think they are better than you, and can walk all over you. She can get any guy she wants, and have taken a few boyfriends from some of my friends. She cause's trouble for anyone who gets in her way, and sometimes just for the fun of it. Recently she's been bulling me for some reason. One day before gym class, one of the popular cute guys asked for a pencil, so I gave him one of mine. After that Betty has been bulling me. 

 That popular guy, who asked for a pencil, was Robbie Van. He plays for the football team, and is an all star quarterback. He's grades are the best in the school, and everybody loves him, and that includes Betty. 

 The other day, in English class, I noticed Robbie staring at me. I don't know why. I'm not popular or pretty like Betty. My grades, are, average. I'm not in any clubs, or on any sport teams. I dress the way I want, not the trends of the moment, like Betty who is all up on the latest fashion, makeup, or girly crap. I get along with anyone, but Betty, who sees’s me as a threat? I guess. I'm not interested in Robbie. He seems nice, and he is cute and all. I am looking for that one guy, and I still haven't met him yet.

 Suddenly, I heard twigs snapping, like someone walking. I stood still. Someone was walking toward the tree. 'What am I gonna do? What if it's an adult or a cop? I could get suspended or something. This is the first time I skipped too!' I thought trying to be still and quiet. Then I heard the steps walk the other way, and I didn't hear them anymore. I sighed, then peeked toward where the steps where going.  

 A man was standing in front of me looking at me. But, was he a man? He had dog-like ears and tails. White long hair and slender green eyes. He was staring at me like he could eat me or something. My heart was beating, and I was starting to freak out! Then the stories of the girls going missing, and the figure was true? I thought as I backed up, leaving my backpack on the ground at the tree. I ran out of the woods.

 I made it to English class in time. 'Dang it! I forgot my backpack!' I thought as I sat in my desk. "Hello, Asami." Robbie said sitting in his desk one row down from me. "Hi!" I said. I looked at my desk as the teacher began class. That man wasn't a human, right? I thought. But, if those stories of the girls going in and disappearing were true, then wouldn't I have been missing? I thought. 

 The mans face looked sad though, I thought as the teacher taught English. My mind was on the figure, the man with ears and tails. There were four tails, I remembered. He was very handsome, I thought blushing. I didn't notice the staring from Robbie or the glaring from Betty. "Ms. Wells?" The teacher said loudly. "Yes?" I said looking at the teacher. 

 I noticed a guy next to him holding my backpack wearing a cap, and a long jacket. He was the man in the woods! His long white hair was tied back under his cap. His slender green eyes staring at me like he did in the woods. I got up from my desk, nervously. "This gentleman, brought your backpack to you, did you lose it?" The teacher said. I nodded, and walked up to the teachers’ desk where the man was. I was looking at the floor. I couldn't look at his eyes. His eyes made me feel weird, and vulnerable. I felt like I was prey when he looks at me. He hands my backpack over. 

 "T-Thank you, Mister." I said quietly. "You may go back to your seat, Ms. Wells" The teacher said. I nodded, and then went to my seat. I looked and saw the teacher and the guy walking out the classroom. I could see them talking and shaking hands. Then the teacher came in the classroom. The guy looked at me, and I felt chills. I looked away, then looked back and he was gone. I opened my backpack and found a flower in it.

 After the school bell rang dismissing school. I walked to my locker. Should I go find him? I thought as I put some books up in my locker. He can't be bad. He came and returned my backpack and all. "So who was that guy who brought your backpack to you, Today, Asami?" I heard Betty behind me. 

 "Talking about a hottie!" Betty said giggling with the rest of her cackling hens that hang around with her. I closed my locker. "Well?" Betty asked, excepting me to tell. "He was just returning my backpack that I lost yesterday." I lied walking away. "So, your not gonna tell me his name!" I heard Betty yelled as the door shut. 

 I walked toward the direction of the woods. The reality of it, I didn't know his name, or even heard him speak. Or that he was a human or not. But I wanted to find him. I went to the tree I was at this morning. I looked around and didn't see anyone. Everything was quiet. Nothing, no birds singing, no crickets, and no squirrels barking. Absolute stillness. How could it be so quiet? When I was here earlier every bird was singing, even when that man was here they were still singing, but now nothing? Is he here? I thought walking toward a small stream. I bend down looking at my reflection. 

 Then I saw the mans face in the water above me. "Why are you here?" He asked in a low voice. I looked at him standing up about to say, to find you, but I couldn't. He wasn't wearing the cap or the long jacket. His ears and tails exposed. "You shouldn't have come here, go home!" He said turning around. "Wait!" I finally yelled. He turned to me. His slender green eyes focused on only me. "Human, there is a reason why these woods are forbidden to enter, and it's not the animals. GO HOME NOW!" He yelled. His voice sent chills down my spine, along with my heart breaking. 

 "Sorry!" I said running toward the trail that lead out. I felt tears falling. I wanted to say thanks to him for returning my backpack. To say sorry. To ask his name. I wanted to know him. But, He didn't want me there! I tripped on to the trail. I looked at the ground and saw a rock that was the cause. 

 I didn't get to ask his name, or anything! I thought as tears fell onto the ground below me. "Why am I crying?" I wiped my eyes, but the tears kept falling. I looked back at the way I ran from, and I thought I saw him. I wiped my eyes, and saw nothing was there.


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