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A Vampire's Nightmare

by rmr34

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Complete, Oneshot. Vampire's and Human's can not fall in love? Short Story, written in 2006 .

A Vampire's Nightmare
Ruth Minamino

In a different world, in a different time. Humans and vampires lived together in harmony. They worked together, their children played together, all were happy. But one human named Darries, did not like it. His jealousy overcame him with hatred for vampires, for one girl named Yuri, who fell in love with a vampire boy named Alucard. Darries is also in love with Yuri. 

One day Darries confessed his love to Yuri, but she told him, " I cannot return your love, for I am in love with Alucard. I am sorry." That night as Darries cried silently, a voice spoke, "You hate vampires?". Darries said, "Yes! I loathe vampires." Then the voice said, "Will you kill him?". "Yes" said Darries. "I will kill them both, if I cannot have Yuri, then no one will." Then the voice replied, "Yes, hate them, kill them both!" Darries laughed with hate and envy, then his eyes turned blood red, like a demon was inside, of him. As the night turned day, Darries planned a way to murder them. What will Alucard and Yuri do?

The next night, Alucard and Yuri decided they would get married. For them to get married, Yuri has to also become a vampire. For this to happen, Alucard has to bite her on the neck, and suck her blood. Then, he has to cut his hand with a knife and let Yuri drink his blood. While explaining this to Yuri, Darries overhears them in another room. As Darries hears him, he gets very angry and barges into the room and fiercely start yelling at Alucard. He says, "If you marry Yuri, I will kill you both!" Alucard replied back, "It's not your decision! Stay out of our business!". As Alucard looked into Darries eyes, he saw the hatred and madness of a demon. Then Darries just gave Alucard a look and charged out of the room.

That very next day, as Alucard and Yuri were walking in town, Alucard saw Darries. Alucard tried to ignore him, but he kept looking at them with hatred. Darries ran behind Alucard swiftly and knocked Alucard in the back of the head. Alucard turned around and punched him back. Yuri just watched them and started yelling, "Stop it! Stop it! This is not right! Stop it! Please both of you! Quit!" They did not listen, they just kept on fighting. Finally, Alucard knocked Darries into a wall and started to walk away. But Darries would not back down. Filled with hatred for Alucard, Darries walked right up to him and punched him in the stomach. Alucard blacked out and hit the ground unconscious. 

It took three hours, then finally Alucard gained back his strength, with Yuri by his side. That night, as Alucard and Yuri , had dinner, Yuri said to Alucard, "Darries was not himself today. He looked like a demon was in him. I am scared that he might hurt us." Alucard replied, "Do not worry. I am no ordinary vampire, I am immortal, and I will protect you, my love." Yuri blushed, then Alucard kissed Yuri with all his love. Darries watched from afar, his blood boiled, his eyes flashed blood red with hatred, then he disappeared into the darkness.

As the night turned darker, Alucard and Yuri sat in Alucard's chamber room. As Yuri slept, Alucard looked out the window. "Night, o night, help me protect her" Alucard whispered. As he turned to look at Yuri, a series of noises occurred from outside the window. Alucard turned to look out the window, but nothing was there. Then Yuri screamed, "NO!", but she was still asleep. As Alucard tried to wake her up, he heard footsteps inside the room, but no one was there. Yuri finally awoke, and said "There is something in here." Alucard nodded. Then Alucard felt coldness, when there is fire in the fireplace, then the room started to shake uncontrollably, then stopped instantly. Yuri frighteningly said, "What's happening?" Alucard replied, "It is a demon. I felt it earlier from Darries. It is Darries!" Then in an instant, Darries was at the chamber door.

Darries looked worse than before, his eyes gleamed in the light like fire, his hands had long fingernails sharper than a knife, his skin red as fire. He looked exactly like the devil. Alucard got in front of Yuri, and said, "If you try to hurt her, I will kill you!" Darries just smiled in a horrible grin, "So, you think you will kill me! Ha! I will kill you both with my bare hands!!" Darries then suddenly lifted into the air with long black wings, like a bat. As Alucard looked up, he told Darries, "You have become a demon with your own desires of hate and jealousy. You accepted your hate and became this, a low demon with revenge on your mind, little and pitiful. There is no help for you. I will have to kill you. That is the only way. I feel sorry for you." Darries looked down at Alucard and said, "You just try me! Go on and press your luck! You feel sorry for me? Ha! Ha! Don't, Cause I don't. I do not care anymore, and as for you two, you will not get married, you will be dead!!". 

Just then, Darries leaps down at Yuri, with his nails toward her. Then, Alucard stopped Darries, with Darries' nail stabbed through his stomach. Yuri screamed, Darries laughed, "I got you. How does death feel?" Alucard laughs and looks up at Darries and replies, "You think you got me? I am already dead, and it feels , pretty well. How about you?" Darries then looks down at his chest, and saw that Alucard punched through his chest, with Darries's heart in his hand. As Darries looks he becomes very weak. Then Alucard, pulls his heart out, and Darries fell to the ground and returns to his normal self. He says very weakly, "I am sorry, Yuri. I loved you so much, but my hate for Alucard overcame me, and I let a demon control me. Please forgive me." Then slowly, he faded away. Yuri cried, "I am also sorry, I could not help you, Please forgive me too." As Alucard, turned to Darries he saw a black shadow rise up. "You are the one who caused this, are you?" Alucard said. Then the shadow replied, "Yes!, I caused his hatred and I controlled him to kill. I am a demon grown from his hate. I am not done. I will kill you!"  

As the demon charged at Alucard, Alucard jumped with white wings on his back. Then the demon stopped suddenly. "You, are no ordinary vampire, are you?" The demon said surprisingly and freighting. Alucard replied, "No, I am not an ordinary vampire. I am a vampire that likes the blood of demons." Then, Alucard grabbed the demon and bites the demon. As Alucard drains the demons blood, the demon vanished. "His blood was very tasty, too bad that it was Darries's hatred. Darries is in peace now. The demon is gone, all is well for now" Alucard said to Yuri. 

The next two months, Alucard and Yuri had their wedding. Yuri became a vampire. Alucard and Yuri lived peacefully, in their castle. One night, Yuri said to Alucard, "I am with child." Alucard said, " I will protect you and our children, forever. More demons will come, and I will eat them all!" . 

©2008 rmr34/Ruth Minamino


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