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In the Night

by rmr34

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2006. Wrote by myself and my sister, she is not on here. It's a Oneshot, poem-like story, about a woman who's in love with a vampire, but..

In the night

In the night, he was gone.
Gone from my grasp.
He left in a heart beat, only bats could hear.
He left a note saying he will love me forever.
When he left I learned a secret, a very dark secret.
He told me his secret, he was a creature of the night, a vampire.
I looked in his eyes, they burned with fire not of a humans, but of a demon.

When I saw him I did not see the man I love, I saw much less, a betrayer to our oath.
We were supposed to share secrets, even the darkest.  
He was a murderer, though he needed blood.
He killed the weak.
He felt no emotions when he killed.
They were there for his amusement.
When he was with me he was, loving and caring to me, like I was his one and only, but when the night fall he became a vengeful animal of the night.
Laughing at his victims as he drained their life from them without remorse.

My thoughts were, what if he turned on me.
What if he suddenly did not care for me and loathed me and killed me also without the love for me.
I started to fear him.
The more I was around him the more useless I felt.
Though he did love me, I still feared him, like he was going to kill me.
When he looked at me, his eyes gleamed with love for me.  
But, one night I saw how he was really like.
In the moonlight he glowed red with blood.
His eyes gleamed with madness and lust for blood.
He smirked evilly as he licked the blood off his fingers.
The victim was a man of honor, a good person.
He was dead.

When I saw the man I screamed and ran off into the night.
He saw me and started to chase me.
He yelled my name from afar.
I could not hear him though.
I ran into the dark forest.
Blinded by my tears falling.
I stopped by a tree sobbed.
I fell to my knees and covered my face with my hands.

After a while, I heard a crack behind me.
I turned around fast.
He was standing there with tears in his eyes.
He knew that I feared him all along.
He put his arms around me, and pulled me to his chest.
I am Sorry was all he said for a while then he said I will not hurt you, for I love you with all my heart. I will not ever hurt you, you are my soul mate. I love you. He held me tighter in his arms, then I heard a faint heartbeat. I still have a heart, you are my heart.
Even though his heart was barely beating, I felt his love.

I did not fear him anymore.
I love you too I said to him. I looked up at him and kissed him lightly on his lips, though there was a little blood on his lips. I want to become a vampire for you, I said to him. He smiled and said, In good time you will but not yet. Why? I questioned. He just smiled at me saying nothing. I looked at him and said I have a secret too. I am a Angel from heaven. He looked at me and smiled and said I know.

The end

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