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A Day At The Tailors

by PsychoKittyNet

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Uncle Sam, The Queen of England, and the President of France visit the local tailor.

Hello there. I wont tell you my name, but I make clothing for famous world leaders. I make a good living and am not to talk about my clients but I thought I would start a log of my day to day activities. Today when I opened up my first customer was Uncle Sam. His face was scarred, covered in bruises. His nose was bleeding, broken and swollen. What kind of a fool is this walking around with such scars? Anyways, I had taken his clothes off to take measurments and I was amazed. His body would make Zues himself jealous. Buldging muscles, firm skin and stong bones. He would not easily be taken down. I took his measurments and he put his clothes back on, sat down, as ugly and scarred as ever. Then the Queen of England and the President of France walked in holding hands. Thier clothing was beautifull, their faces covered in the most expensive makeup, and scented with the finest perfume. They were extravagant, beautifull people. I had to take their clothes off to take their measurments, and I was shocked! Strecth marks, folds of skin, pus oozing out of gapeing wounds. I thought that was bad but they turned around and their backs were hairy, boil covered and green. They were infected, rotton to the core. I took their measurments and they put their clothes on and went to wait with Uncle Sam. While I was making the clothes they had chided Uncle Sam the whole time, though their situation was more dire. When I was done, I gave them their clothing and they paid their bill and left. The marks on Sams face were hidous, and even thought the Queen of England and the President of France were far worse off, I would rather hide my disfigurments and look pretty, then hide my strength and show my flaws to the public.

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