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Mai Heart's Poem

by NegativeZero

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A poem written by mai heart...

Lost in insanity not seeing you there,
Seen with great clarity if you did still care,
Im missing you terribly when lyfe is not fair,
And said with sincerity with eyes locked in a stare,
Im holding your hand can you feel mai warm touch,
We're lying on sand and your smile starts to blush,
Now we're neck up in plans to what we thought was a crush,
Im your number one fan and I love you so much,
What will it take at making this right,
Your love is a cake full of sweetness and lyfe,
What I thought was fate became destiny's sight,
And with mai new faith you had shown me the light,
Let our hearts beat as one until the song ends,
And together we'll run alongside our friends,
There'll alwaise be fun with all the time spent,
And only when our love comes shall our broken hearts mend.

© 2004 TimZ

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