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Snow White a la Inu

by rasilverstorm

Libraries: Adventure, Alternate Universe, General, Humor, InuYasha

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Was it just a fairy tale, or was it all real. For the group of travelers it sure seemed real!



Naraku's day hadn't been good. No matter which plan he set up, somehow they where always deemed to fail. He got new information every time it happened, however cutting his losses all the time was slowly getting frustrating. Looking in Kanna's mirror he saw one of his latest of plans fail once more. Sighing he wove her away, ordering her to wait on following orders. Sitting in front of the windowsill he started pondering on a new plan.








Finally the pack managed to finish the puppet Naraku had send. Inu Yasha almost breathed a relief sigh. “Inu! Are you alright?” Kagome's voice called out to him. Turning around in the bloody mess he was standing he nodded at her. Sango walked up followed by Kirara in her large form. “Luckily there weren't any others around this time, I start to suspect he really is aiming for us.”




Inu Yasha smirked at Sango, “isn't he always?” The pack gathered their belongings and moved away from the gruesome scene, or actually what was left of it. They found a secluded spot around sunset to put up camp. Doing their daily routine they quickly and happily chattering put up their camp, not noticing they where being spied upon.




Not far from the camp Kikyou had found herself a safe spot, she could hear them talk. Sitting downwind made sure Inu Yasha wouldn't be able to pick up her scent and the trees kept her out of sight. She looked down on the camp. As the pack carried on with their routine she listened.




Kagome had brought a book along this time, she had done that because Shippou seemed to like to listen to the stories. That night she told him the story of Snow White and Kikyou was all ears. The story itself was very interesting. Kikyou decided that Naraku would probably find the fairy tale just as interesting as she did. Just as unnoticed as she came she left the site.








A few hours later at Naraku's castle Kikyou arrived. She quickly moved to the chambers of Naraku not looking left or right. Standing in front of his shoji door she waited for entrance. Not much later she was allowed in. Sitting down in front of him she waited for him to acknowledge her. Naraku's eyes wandered to Kikyou and he narrowed his eyes barely nodding.




Kikyou smiled slightly as she started to tell him on how she spied on Inu Yasha and his pack. Then she told him the fairy tale she heard. The more she talked, the more interested Naraku got. You might say you could see the wheels turning in his head as he thought up a plan. Something he would call quite the master plan even. Smirking he started to put his plan into motion. Using Kikyou to get the details of the story in order to make things right.




Sending out Kagura he used a special spell, putting all the victims he had in mind under his spell. Once her job once done, Kagura returned to the castle. Naraku laughed evilly, soon Inu Yasha and his pack would be destroyed and he would have the full Shikon no Tama!

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