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Saying I Love You

by NegativeZero

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Too afraid to say 'I Love You' to someone you truely care about cuz of fear that they might not be able to say it back. Sometimes we are afraid... but ask yourself... will you ever get the chance to say it again?

To afraid to say I love you,
Because of fear you'd turn away,
But I knoe that Ill regret it,
If I don't say what I came to say,
A little tap upon your shoulder,
And you turn around to see,
A soon to be forgotten face,
With tears of misery,
I stutter when I came to speak,
Cuz I couldn't find the words,
And I guess I could just walk away,
If I wasn't so damned scared,
I open up mai mouth,
And out comes a hello,
And then you start to smile again,
And in mai heart I knoe,
If the circumstances were different,
And this meant more than friends to you,
Then I wouldn't be afraid to say,
How much I truly love you.

© 2004 TimZ

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