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I Took to the Skies

by Ronin_Sensai

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A College graduate's love note.

Unsure who created the cover art, but credit goes to them.


I took to the skies
A college Graduate’s love note
By AJ Peaslee

Dear Crystal:

Once again, I wake up to you. Not physically, but mentally. Your voice echoes in my ears long after we have spoken, and your image rests in my dreams like it was for real. The last time we hugged may have been a while ago before I left, but I still feel your soft and warm arms around me right now. Between your arms is a place I want to be forever, for when I close my eyes the whole world seems to dissapear. I wish I could be in that place now, College has been hard on me so far.

The first time we kissed was also the first time part of me died. The sad and lonely side of me faded, and when our lips touched together, I was filled with a a feeling I wanted for a long time: Love. That feeling you gave me could have given me the power to take to the skies and fly.

Your like an addiction I don’t wish to shake, you’re the power that keeps me going. Whenever I get lost, you’re the person holding the light that guides the way. When I don’t know what to write, you inspire me to write what I feel in my heart. You Crystal, are the side of me I was missing.

I know its only going to be another year before I get out, but I will never look at another woman the same. I am yours, and I will be when I get home, when we have children together, and when I am an old man looking back on my life. But right now it’s the hardest time yet. I have only your voice and picture to keep me going. I miss you dearly. I wish I could make the clock go faster and have the year fly by in an instant, but I cannot. I just want to hold you and gaze up at the stars. I want to say and do so much, but I am so far away from you. But whenever you are missing me, read this letter again and always know I will be coming home for you.

You will notice that a small box is coming with this letter, and inside is a token of my heart and soul. It is something I have looked forward to since we met those 4 years ago. Open it now and then read the final part.

My final question to you is this:

Will you Marry me, my love?

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