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Hold me forever...

by DBZ101

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Just a little somthing I wrote after reading the terrace scene in Vampire Knight

    The pale moonlight, adds a gentle glow to your face. "Thank you for the dress Kaname-Sama." I look up into your eyes.

    "You are welcome. But Yuki..." You take my hand, " I would like to have a dance in repayment for the dress." You put your free hand on my waist. All I can do is look up at you and blush. Then we begen to dance slow, outside on the terrace. Oh how I wish for this moment to last Kaname-Sama. I try to leave, but you don't let me go. I start to cry, you hold me close. I push my face into your night class uniform and wisper,

  "Hold me forever Kaname-Sama, hold me forever."

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