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by kirayasha

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A 100 worddrabble in which Yuki finds a hug can fix a bad case of writers block...

By kira

For Nini the Electrocuted Sheep because I love her Gravi-drabbles and because someone sounded like they needed a hug...


Yuki stared at his laptop and groaned. Thanks to Shuichi’s comment about plot bunnies, he now had visions of rabbits dancing in his head. And if that was not enough to give him a raging headache, he had a deadline looming, and no end to his current novel in sight. Sighing softly, he pinched the skin at the top of his nose and rubbed.


Shuichi quietly opened the door to Yuki’s study and crept inside. He wordlessly hugged his lover.

“I’m busy, damn it!”
Shuichi quickly left.

Suddenly the words started to flow as the rabbits faded from his imagination.

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