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Sweet Nothings

by kirayasha

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Shu and Hiro talk about his relationship Yuki sparking the beginnings of a new song...

Sweet nothings
By kira

For Lizzy who loves Gravitation as much as I do if not more, and who had suggested this a while back, and Izze who loves the pairing of Shuichi and Hiro...


Author’s note: The following is a simple “buddy fic,” I tend to like the canon pairings rather than alternate ones. That said, I see this pairing as a “might have been” if things were different, which probably says a lot about the depths of their friendship. Also this is one of the rare times I have attempted poetry, so please forgive its cheesiness, thanks. ;p


Thanks to Jen for taking the time to look this over for me.


“This is Earth to, Shuichi ... Come in, Shuichi...” Hiro said while he waved a hand in front of his best friend’s face.


The pink haired singer blinked and looked around the cafeteria blankly a few times. “Hunh?”


You were staring off into space. Everything okay with you and Yuki?”

“Yeah...” Shuichi smiled. “Things couldn’t be better.”
“Okay, then what else is wrong?”
“Nothing, Hiro.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah.” Shuichi nodded and toyed with his lunch.

“Don’t tell me you’ve written a new song?” the chestnut haired guitarist asked eagerly as he picked up a piece of his sushi. Hiro popped into his mouth and ate it.


“No...” Shuichi said airily. “I was just thinking about Yuki.”

“No?! Really?!” Hiro said in mock surprise.

They laughed and fell into a companionable silence as they ate their lunch.


“So what about Yuki?” Hiro asked, after swallowing his last piece of sushi.

“I think he’s working on a romantic cookbook...”

“Yeah...” the pink haired singer said thoughtfully. “Every time we make love,” Shuichi sighed softly, “it involves food. First it was the chocolate sauce, then the whipped cream, and donuts, and once he tied me to the bed with licorice whips...And then there was the time he was eating a peach and had me so-”


Hiro quickly interrupted. “Too much information, Shuichi!” he said with a smile to soften his tone.

“Oh...” the pink hair singer laughed embarrassedly. “Sorry.”
“It’s okay, Shu. I just didn’t want any weird mental images.”
Shuichi nodded. “It is weird, isn’t it?”
“Not weird... just uh, kinky.” He chuckled.
Shuichi nodded; his cheeks as pink as his hair.

“But that’s not a bad thing, Shu, as long as you’re both happy with it.”

Shuichi looked up at his friend and smiled.
“So what’s the title of his new book?”

“‘Sweet Nothings.’ I read a little bit of it while he was on the phone with his editor. That’s where I got the idea for the chocolate sauce.” Shuichi grinned while his friend shook his head at him.

“At least he’s paying attention to you this time.”

“Yeah...” Shuichi smiled happily as visions of Yuki danced in his head. Grabbing a napkin, he quickly dashed down a few lines of lyrics.

Reaching for the napkin, Hiro asked, “Is that a new song?”

“Yup! Do you think Yuki would mind if I called ‘Sweet Nothings’?”


“Only you can answer that, my friend,” Hiro replied. As he glanced at the lyrics, he could hear the beginnings of a ballad in his head.


“When I come home after working all day...


“You pull me close and chase my worries away...


“I live for times like this just to hear you say...

“Sweet nothings...”

The chestnut haired guitarist handed the napkin back. “Come; let’s get back to the studio before K comes looking for us. You can finish it up there. “


“You’ve got the melody, don’t you?” Shuichi grinned.

Hiro nodded.

A few days later, the chestnut haired guitarist sat in the recording booth, an acoustic guitar in his lap. Tapping his foot, Hiro counted the beat off in his head and began strumming the intro. Smiling faintly to himself as he played the melody, he heard Shuichi start to sing as Sakano cued the vocal tracks.


“When I come home after working all day...


“You pull me close and chase my worries away...


“I live for times like this just to hear you say...

“Sweet nothings...”

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