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by Schatten Wulf

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my childhood shadows. they have followed me since i was 6 years old. i'm 19 now.

Shadows, haunting me,

Shadows, taunting me,

Shadows, facing me,

Shadows, chasing me.


Shadows are playing with my dolls,

Shadows are walking along my walls.


Shadows are telling me scary stories,

Shadows are bathing in their glory.


Shadows are scaring me but they are my friends,

Shadows are teaching me what transcends.


Darkened beings from beyond the grave,

It's life that these monsters crave.


Haunting me since I was 6 years old,

They might have been a protective fold.


I doubt it though, I still got hurt,

Something that I could not convert.


But they were there and they will not go,

I see them outside my bedroom window.


Shadows are laughing at my misery,

Shadows are never leaving me.


Shadows are looking at the victim side,

Shadows are wondering why I never cried.


Shadows are hungering for surprise,

Shadows are leaving me with bloody eyes.


Shadows, haunting me.

Shadows, taunting me.

Shadows, facing me.

Shadows, chasing me.



A.T.D Skull



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