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Dreams and Destiny Preview

by stark40763

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Sci-Fi

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Okay, so this is a preview of Dreams and Destiny, one of my earliest works, which I have been dreaming up since I was 10 or 11. I actually had a version of this published back in college for one of my writing classes, in a group publication called The Scarlet Runner. I first posted this on DA, but thought I'd share it with all of you as well!

The strange dreams became more vivid with each passing night, revealing images of horror and wonder with each passing moment.  They had been haunting Alan’s sleep for days now, each one revealing more and more with each passing night. Why did these dreams haunt him and what could they mean? What did they have to do with a farmer’s son from the simple farming village of Serenity, a town on the edge of the Blackthorn Forest, a dark, tangled wilderness filled with fierce creatures whose howls and moans echoed through the forest at night.  They say if you are foolish enough to go into the forest at night, you will not return, which pretty much kept people away, since the world was dangerous enough already.

     The old folks say the forest isn't natural, that it was created by dark and insidious magic that had cursed the land decades past, literally growing overnight, consuming everything in it's path, and allowing nothing but the worst of beasts to live within it's borders.  This didn’t matter to Alan, who really didn’t believe in such superstition anyway, because to him it as just a forest, one that his own father had traveled through many times before, though was forbidden to venture into himself.  It wasn't until the dreams began that he started to believe that maybe the old faerie tales about Blackthorn Forest and the mythical creatures that supposedly lived inside it might be true after all...

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