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My memories

by Riek Darmani

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A lycan warriors thoughts before death.

My memories


They all have torches. I can smell the burning of oiled wood. I can smell their fear. The humans never could stand our kind. They were always fearful. They always thought we were monsters. They never could stand the fact that we were superior to them. I guess it is my destiny to fall here… at least temporarily.
          A lot of things go threw your mind when you are being put to death. A lot of emotions are felt. Some you were not even aware you had. I have heard that some wolves are scared of death. Some are found shaking with fear. I am not afraid to die. In fact I welcome this fate…No…I long for this fate. The sooner I die the sooner I see my beloved Setsuka.
          No fear is not on my mind. In fact I am quite calm. I do however feel a feeling of great regret. Regret that I could not protect the ones I love from their unbearably cruel fate. Regret that I could not keep my promise. Regret that I could not control the situation. That I could not keep them safe as I so eagerly promised my daughter...
          Of course in this situation I was mainly sifting through the memories in my own mind. In this state of mind my memories were aimed toward my dearly beloved Setsuka and Aayla. Setsuka my most wonderful wife and Aayla my most beautiful daughter. I remember Aayla’s shining jade eyes and her mothers intoxicating scent. I remember holding Setsuka in my arms through every night…singing her to sleep…whispering confession of my love to her. I remember carrying my sweet Aayla down to the lake to play…her innocent laughter echoing in my ears still…were she proceeded to chase minnows in the water. I remember there screams as I tried to break the chains I was bound by. I remember breaking the chains and killing the bloodthirsty leeches sent to eliminate me. I remember ripping out there throats as I fought to get to my family.
          Most of all I remember letting out a bloodthirsty scream as I held there lifeless bodies to my chest. I remember how they slumped limply over my arms. I remember begging them to wake up…pleading with them to wake up. I remember vowing to them that I would fix this. Vowing I would protect them if they would just wake up. I remember vowing to kill the man responsible for their death…the death of the only beings I have ever loved.
          I don’t know when I will be reborn, but when I am this being who took my family from me will pay with his life.

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