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Onward to the Mists

by ChaoticFayth

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, Original Fiction

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Oneshot, Brotherhood, Original Characters. Hiroto and Naoki are (c) ChaoticFayth.

Onward to the Mists

 Just oustide the area that was Mandala Mists, a large wolf sat back upon his haunches, watching and waiting. This particular wolf was unique in appearrance, quite large; an overall coat was a very dark silver, with quite many additions. Tip of nose to ears were pitch black, though paws up to the elbows, tips of both his ears, tailtip and the end every single feather in his large wings were pure white. He also had white speckles all over his back, wings and his large bushy tail. The okami's were as purple as can be, but were currently occupied in avidly searching for someone. 

The creature had been sitting in the same spot for hours, still as can be, not to avoid being seen, but because he was not a fidgety thing. His waiting would soon be paid-off, however, when a dark blue raven slid down from the sky, coming to alight upon a low branch in the tree the wolf sat beneath. 

Turning his furry snout upward, the okami spoke. His voice was soft, in a quite masculine way, and flowed gracefully. "I was about to get impatient, my brother."

The bird chuckled, before continuing the rest of the way from the branch to the ground. "You? Impatient? I'd hate to see the day." This smaller creature was unique as well, a dark blue overall with light blue eyes, at least mostly that is. His left eye was quite deeply scarred, drawing a white line diagonally across it. He looked up at his apparrent wolf brother, his tone was slightly less than his usual seriousness."Naoki, are you sure that you wish to let me leave at a time such as this? I mean, after so many years, you're suddenly alpha of the pack once more, you've got two beautiful daughters to care for, a pack of ancaras that see you as another alpha, and then there's the pressing time of your ascension..." He trailed off, sighing.

Naoki hunched down to Hiroto's level, smiling slightly. "I am completely sure, Hiro. You need this, we both need this. Besides, even if I did not have you and dear Ameketsueki with me, I have Shinobu. He's more than happy to be the rock in my malestrom. You've done more than enough to care for our pack in my absence, and here it is time for me to return the favor. It's your turn to try a normal life, and I'm willing to help you to it."

A smile spreading across his pliable beak, the tengu reached up with both wings and wrapped them around Gawain's head in an embrace. "Thank you, brother." When he withdrew his appendages back to himself, though pointed his index-feather of his left hand at the wolf in mock accusation. "But, you better visit. I'm not the only one who needs a vacation every so often. Tell that sister of ours the same, because she needs to get out more." He folded his wings back once more, still with that jokester look of his. The okami nodded, laughing a little himself. "Of course, of course."

Nearly simultaneously, the brothers gazed skyward, plotting out where the sun sat in an attempt to tell the time. "Well, looks like I'll have to go on my way, Naoki." Hiroto looked to the okami, whom nodded. "I'll go with you as far as the gates, but only in this form, as none there have yet seen or heard of my true appearrance. You, however..."

The tengu stretched out his wings again. "Already on it." He muttered, then transformed himsef from the raven form, and into his most used human one. His dark blue feathers became a mess of shoulder-length light blue hair, feathered in texture, and his working eye was the same electric blue that it had been, but now the other eye was covered in a square cloth eyepatch. He wore a great many layers of clothing, all in different hues of blue. The main layers around him were two kosodes tucked into oversized but comfortable pair of sashinuki pants, all bound by a dark blue obi which his right hand now sat atop, fingers tucked into the folds of his kosodes, as that hand isn't used all to often, but still is able to be used for the most part. Over the ensemble he wore a loose, drooping sleeved haori. On his feet he had a pair of tabi socks and straw sandals. Overall, he looked quite comfortable in his clothing.

Hiroto raised to his mouth a long black oriental-styled pipe in the shape of an Eastern Dragon, and as he puffed upon it a couple of times, it seemed to light itself, blue smoke drifting from its mouth. "Shall we?" In return, the monotone wolf nodded, and rose to his feet, tucking his large wings in against his back. Naoki and Hiroto traversed onward for a couple of minutes in calm, welcome silence before they came within sight of the gates to Mandala Mists. As they approached within a few yards of it, the wolf nudged his shoulder into the tengu, having them both stop. The raven kneeled down to his brother, and they pressed their foreheads together. "Good luck, Mikael." He used Hiroto's given name affectionately.

Hiroto wrapped his free left arm around Naoki, not saying anything, but pressing the side of his face into his brother's soft fur for a momen before drawing away and standing once more. The tengu clutched his pipe in his mouth as be dug through the folds of his kosodes for his Mandala Mists papers, letting his right hand dangle for a bit to get it out of his way. The okami reached up and licked the warm open palm affectionately once, before turning to leave. Once Hiroto was comfortably settled back together, his right hand tucked back into its place, with papers in hand, and the pipe, still resting against his lips, but supported by his left hand again, he muttered mostly to himself around said object.

"Don't get too carried away, Gawain. We both know how you are with your caring self when it comes to our pack. I don't want to come back to see you hurt."


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