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by Moon-Huntress

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A sad reflection on the difference between childhood and adulthood.

To mourn the passing of Innocence

Once, I believed everything I was told with passion and joy.
Once, I smiled gaily, not seeing the dark places of the world.
Once, I loved everything and everyone with the fresh joy of the young.
Not now.
Now, I weigh and measure every word uttered.
Now, only sometimes do I smile and rarely does it reach my eyes.
Now, my trust is hard earned, rarely given.
Now, I am the sadder and wiser girl.
O how I mourn the passing of my innocence.


** I'm seeking advice to make my writing better, and in order to do that I need to know what my audience thinks of my writing. Please comment. did you like it? did you not like it? what needs work?

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