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Origins of the Zephyr

by the-Zephyr

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Basically, an origin story to a character that was designed by Frolicman and myself. Despite the name, I have nothing in common with the Zephyr.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1 - Orphans

Chapter 1: Orphans

As the universe began Zephyrus looked back at what would soon become the remnants of the only home he had ever known. Though he himself was far more than a simple man, being an essence of time-space continuum in mortal form, he referred to himself as he. His race, created by a long forgotten deity, had a concept of gender. His eyes scanned the ever-expanding line of stars, planets and what would become the negative energy, the opposing reaction to their action. His brother, Boreas, powerful, yet also kind and gentle, was already escaping the vicinity of the planet. Whilst a planet, they had managed to create a supernova effect, the only sure way to destroy the plague that had swept across the dimensional plane they resided in. Clutched in Boreas' arms was their young sister, all but a child, though thousands of years old by the standards of lesser beings. Zephyrus regretted letting them go alone, however, he could not risk their safety by remaining with them. As the oldest of the now orphans, the protection of the family was now up to him.

He alone stood between the remaining two of their kind and the destructive forces that had violently appeared and slaughtered indiscriminately. Peace offerings had been made to these creatures, but they had been rejected with the deaths of more peace-loving mortals. Eventually, the rate at which time and space was escaping created a flux, which, left unchecked, would destroy all existence.

As he reflected on all that happened, the stars had caught up to him, overtaking and spreading out, gaining speed whilst doing so. They would create numerous galaxies in the eons to come, with bits of rock from the planet eventually forming new planets, hopefully hospitable for life. That was the plan. To slow the onslaught by providing more innocent victims. It was the only way.

Realising his mistake, he left, making his path easy to follow. He'd be chased by these demons for quite some time, but he'd be reunited with his siblings and that thought comforted him, even as he sped into unknown darkness.

Eons later, Boreas and Anemoi arrived on a planetoid covered in ice. A good sign, as ice meant frozen water, water meant life. There was hope yet. Anemoi had aged somewhat, but still a child. She often had nightmares about the yellow-eyed demon as she called it. Boreas just didn't have the heart to tell her the truth. No, he'd leave that to Zephyrus, when he finally showed up. A master of the staff and naginata, he preferred peace, but nonetheless eagerly awaited the time when his weapon, Aquilo, would taste the blood of demons. Though revenge was the technical term he thought of it only as justice. Especially after what his family and been put through.

Zephyrus waited as the first few demons ran past his hiding place and suddenly could wait no longer. For a long time, he'd been pursued by this particular sect, he was eager for revenge. Drawing his blade, Kusanagi, he leapt from the darkness, catching one unlucky creature before it even knew he was there. The others turned quickly and unsheathed their weapons. It mattered little. The four of them could not stop him. Not now. Not ever. Though he played their little game for a while he quickly grew tired of it and added four more kills to his list. It could not bring his people, his culture or his mother back. But it was a start and it meant a little more work for the creator of these monstrosities. It was quite ingenious, the first plan of expanding the universe, naturally for the peace-loving race, it was to create life, to mimic and give thanks to their creator. Of course as they had created the force to hold the universe together, its reaction came from the darkness. The malevolent force had only one goal, the destruction of everything. Horrified at what they had inadvertently created and watching countless slaughtered, they had risen up and fought back. It was of course too late by then, too many demonic creations; their metaphorical grandchildren, had bounded out of the realm of darkness and into the light, where they quickly set upon realising their creator's sick dream.

That was why Zephyrus and Boreas had destroyed their planet. To slow them down until they had found a way to destroy both the master and the puppets. With only the three of them, it would be a long and epic journey.

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