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by Munkykillu

Libraries: Angst, Drama, Original Fiction

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just a blarb of somethign I wrote...

Grabbing her arm and twirling her to face him he pushed her against the wall beside them as her breathing stopped. Oxygen wasn't an option at this point; the only thing around her was him. "Why won't you listen to me?" He pleaded with her, practically crying, begging for her to hear whatever it was he felt she needed to know.

She couldn't hear what escaped his lips. She couldn't comprehend anything even though she watched the lines of his mouth shiver and quake with the passion of the words he was wanting to say with such intent she feared that she may never be able to see anything other then him ever again. His solid chocolate brown eyes staring deep into her soul, his dirty ruffled light brown hair she could remember feeling against her skin days before, his lips; pink and pouty looking as soft as pillows she craved to fall into. A clear, forced inhale was the only sound she made after a moment of silence between the two of them. She was forced to look at him, to stop hiding herself in the shadows of his lips. Her eyes grazed his face slowly making the long journey up, reaching towards to gates of his soul immediately getting lost in their mud colored pools.

"What is wrong with you?" Again he questioned her, anger slowly drifting into his voice. He'd been having this same fight with her for days, she was running from him and he was sick of it. Still gripping her arm he tugged her closer to him, holding her forearm above her chest in menacing manner. He stared down into her emerald colored eyes. She felt warm against his body; she was a full foot shorter then he but she could always bring him down when she wanted to. He wasn't goign to let her slide this time and he could sense the fear dripping off her flesh like honey. She could smell the intoxicating nectar of his skin as he pulled her in, his watch tightening upon her as his grip on her wrist did the same.

"You're..." she stammered, she didn't have the strength to look at him, let alone form words to him. "'re hurting me..." she whispered forcefully under her breath, "Please, let me go, please. You're hurting me, please." She prayed to him, the language of her cries barely audible to the human ear as they escaped her thin, shallow lips. She was pressed against him but still he stepped nearer to her pushing her back to the wall again. All she could feel was her cheast raising a falling against his own. Fright was washing over her like the violent ocean does over a quiet shore and tears began to flood her eyes. Every muscle in her body tensed up as memories of pervious violations streamed through her mind. "Please," she chanted, her only utterance as her voice waivered getting straonger with each whimper. Her knees lost all power giving in beneath her; the only thing keeping her upright now was his body pressed against hers.

He stepped back slipping an arm around her waist to keep her from crumbling to the floor, pulling her away from the chipping black painted wall. "Look at me," he inquired in a soft voice knowing he had to calm her before she screamed. He had to pull her out of the painful memories he'd just trapped her in, "Please look at me." He lowered both of them to the hard black ground, releasing his hold on her and taking her face gently into his hands. "It's okay; please just look at me. Please." He whispered to her so carefully, like one might speak to a small child. "Please," he repeated, trying to get her to come back to him, "Please."

Her eyes were fixed on the ceiling as if she wasn't seeing the dark room around her, just the nightmare that played in her mind held them captive. He could feel her trembling in his hands; he cradled her in his arms. "I'm so sorry, love," He whispered to her again.

"Please, please don't ever do that again." She sniffled as reality fell back to her, "please, don't do that. You know my secrets you should know better then to do that to me." Hatred was rising in her as she tried to pull away from him. His clasp had loosened but by no means was it broken, she was still his captive.

"I'm sorry. I needed you to hear me but you wouldn't," pleading with her.

"I'm listening."

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