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These Days Inbetween

by Owlgirl

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Batman, Male/Male - Shounen-Ai, One Shots, Romance

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[Batman/Robin] Bruce and Tim have a peaceful moment playing with Ace and enjoying their day

The smell of roses was almost unbearable here in the north part of the manor. Alfred had been tending the gardens earlier that morning but Tim hadn't noticed the scent until he was walking by. It wasn't a bad thing. A person didn't get to experience the scent of a garden in bloom in Gotham that often, but always around their house, there were flowers somewhere.

He glanced through the french doors to the garden outside. It was a beautiful day and there were small birds hopping across the patio, tweeting and flapping their wings.

There was a small smile at the corner of the young man's mouth and he pushed the doors open, arriving outside as the flurry of wing beats echoed across the small area. Here the scent was stronger and it made Tim laugh as he caught the sight of Bruce throwing a ball to Ace beyond the garden patch.

It was indeed a peaceful day, a slight breeze blowing the leaves of grass and the bangs across Tim's forehead, was comfortable. Ace barked a few times as the older man held the ball up where the German Shepard could not reach. The dog was well behaved enough knowing not to jump on the man in these clothes, but if Bruce was dressed as the Bat it would be perfectly okay.

Ace stopped for a moment and looked across the yard at Tim. Bruce looked too, smiling, turning his body just enough to look like he was inviting the man in.

Tim walked steadily across the cool grass, feet bare and taking everything in. He absentmindedly slipped his hands into Bruce's front pant pockets, hugging the man from the back, head barely able to rest atop his shoulder.

Bruce laid a kiss on his forehead and whispered, "Hi, little bird." Tim grinned and pulled himself closer to the solid body.

"What are you doing," as if it wasn't obvious but, "You have paperwork to do."

"I'm taking a break. Ace wanted to play, and since you weren't up..." He showed the visibly chewed-up red ball in his hand and the dog cocked his head to the side, looking up at his masters.

"Hmmm...sorry, you wore me out last night." Tim got up on the tips of his toes and licked his way into the man's mouth. There was a small whimper from his mouth and the wet slide of tongue against tongue. Ace slipped a paw over his eyes as he bowed his head.

Bruce couldn't help but laugh, effectively ending the exchange. The younger man smiled wide and called the dog's name, watching as their pet perked up again, ready to play.

Ace barked once, loud, the sound resonating across the perfect piece of land. "Throw his ball," Tim said against his lover's neck and Bruce complied, throwing the red ball far across the yard. The dog watched and looked up at Bruce before going to fetch his toy.

"Kiss me again," was the next thing to come out of Tim's mouth. It wasn't another moment before Bruce was pushing the young man onto the grass, gripping the thin hips in his hands and sliding his tongue back into his lover's mouth.

There was another beautiful sound from the bird's throat and he wrapped his arms around Bruce's neck and pushed his lips hard against the man's. There was a trail of saliva running over the corner of his lips, down his chin and it only made him want more.

"I love you," Bruce whispered against his wet lips, kissing lightly, tauntingly and Tim arched up into the man. The young man's lips were red, perfect in Bruce's shadow and the pieces of skin parted to let the tongue stroke them.

"You, too." Tim grinned and latched his lips back onto the man's. He bit Bruce's lip, sucked his tongue and pulled him in closer. There was nothing more perfect then this: his lover on a beautiful day leaving him breathless and wanting.

"Tim, we shoul--"

"Ace!" The dog jumped onto the man, putting all his weight on pushing Bruce down onto Tim, it didn't help that he hadn't much air because of kiss, but now he could barely breath. Ace barked and dropped the spit covered ball onto Bruce's head, watching as it slid off to land next to Tim's face.

So maybe the dog was a bit rebellious sometimes.

Bruce was finally moving, getting up and knocking the German Shepard to the ground. "Ace," he said in his warning voice and the dog looked at him as he got up to sit. He gave a tiny bark and let his tongue hang out, panting.

Tim laughed from the grass, picking up the ball and waving it at the dog. Ace followed it, going to sit next to Tim, nudging his muzzle against the young man's cheek then giving a small lick. The bird grabbed his neck and pulled the dog back to the grass. Tim's giggling filled the back yard for a minute; he finally threw the ball and Ace loyally went to fetch it.

"Tim," Bruce said when he sat down beside his young lover, earning a smile. "Let's spend the rest of the day together."

"And your paperwork?"

"It can wait. This is more important." Bruce smiled, blue eyes shining in the sunlight as he pulled his lover into another kiss.

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