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Number One [Batman/Robin]

by Owlgirl

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Bruce and Tim spend Valentine's Day together

Saint Valentine’s day morning was a bundle of sheets, a mess of limbs and the laughter of Tim Drake as his lover flipped him over in bed again. Bruce hugged his back tightly, leaving small butterfly kisses along the teen’s neck and jaw. Nowhere did Tim stop laughing, except when Bruce said quietly, “Happy Valentine’s day.”

The teen turned his head and looked at the man. It was indeed their first Valentine’s day together. He could see Bruce smile, small and wonderful before he pulled the teen into a gentle kiss. Tim could feel his heart pound in his chest, and it only seemed to beat faster with every movement from Bruce.

“Mmm, you, too.”  He took a moment to turn completely, up against Bruce’s solid form, basking in the man’s warmth. “So, any surprises for me?”

“Of course. Did you really think I wouldn’t get you anything?”

Tim laughed, “No. I have something for you, too.”

“Hmm…really? And what could that be?”

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Eight o’clock in my study,” Bruce said after another sweet kiss. Tim just smiled; there seemed to be something very *Batman* about telling the teen the time and location, not that he was surprised to see a bit of the big bad bat appearing. “And dress comfortably,” the man said as an after thought.

“Like…you’re-going-to-strip-me-naked-anyways comfortable, or whatever I feel like wearing?”

“Whatever you feel like wearing.” The man rose out of bed, not even bothering to grab a robe as he started walking into their bathroom. For some reason, Tim had expected Bruce’s plans to be more…*erotic*, but from the sounds of it, it was just starting to seem like something…normal couples would do. He wouldn’t expect Batman to take him on a Valentine’s date or anything like that. Tim just gave his shoulders a shrug, rolling out of bed and following Bruce into the master bath.

“Do you have to go into work?” Tim lifted himself up on the countertop as the man readied a bath, pouring in a sweet fragrant oil. It smelled like fresh rain, no flower scent in their bathroom, they would get enough of that in the springtime when the gardens would start growing again.

“I have a meeting, yes.”

“Can’t you call in? And aren’t Valentine baths more of a night thing?”

“No, it’s important that I be there. Another business deal and W.E. will look better if I attend.” He took a moment to feel the temperature of the water, judging it just right. Bruce looked over at Tim, grinning again, “Thought I should just get it out of the way now, seeing as how my plans tonight *don’t* involve it.”

The bird giggled almost quietly, rubbing his calloused palms on his smooth thighs, scarred in some places. The scent filled the entire bathroom now and he took a deep breath, “Oh, I see.” 

“I’m glad.”

“When is your meeting?”

“In four hours.”

“*Mmm*,” It was hard for Tim not to just jump the man. Instead, he waited for Bruce to stride the short distance across the tiles and take Tim into his arms. “Is that enough time for you,” he asked, lifting the teen up against his chest.

“Yes.” Tim rubbed a few circles around the man’s chest and then across a long scar, one he recognized easily, one given to Bruce by Ra’s al Ghul. He didn’t let himself think more of it.

Hot, hot water all around him and Bruce. The man lowered them until Tim could sit on his lap, and with a little shift and carefulness, lay back against the man’s chest. “This is nice,” Tim whispered after a few minutes of soaking. He turned his head, let his lips rest against the nook of Bruce’s neck, and kissed there, neatly.

“I enjoy any time with you.”

“Even when we’re in the middle of a pack of thugs or getting dropped into the harbor?”

“Yes, but this is higher on my list.” Bruce let out one low laugh, not low enough to be Batman’s but it made Tim grin and kiss again, followed by a playful little bite. The man immediately tensed up and Tim could feel Bruce’s arousal on his thigh. He only smiled wider and looked up to kiss the man against his jaw.

“Is *this* number one on that list of yours?”

His answer was a flip in the tub and Bruce’s hands running laps over his body, the man’s lips attacking Tim’s. One of Bruce’s hands left and grabbed a different bottle from the side of the tub. He held it up for Tim to see, to read the label. “I’d place it more at number two.”

“And number one?” Bruce slicked three fingers and Tim spread his legs wide around the man.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”


Bruce had informed Tim after their bath that Dick, Jason and Barbara would be patrolling by themselves that night, at least for a few hours. Tim saw Bruce off to work with a kiss and touch of hands as the teen handed him his briefcase. All was good.

But, Bruce had also informed Tim that he couldn’t go anywhere near the study, or the Cave for that matter. In fact, the whole of that wing was cut off to the teen. Bruce’s Valentine surprise was turning out to be bigger then Tim expected.

He waited and waited for Bruce to come home and even when the man strode into their bedroom and gave Tim a long kiss and hug, he still had to wait longer. He could be patient about everything else except when it came to Bruce. Then he couldn’t wait and he found an inward giddiness in himself.

Tim saw Bruce *twice* more before eight o’clock; apparently there was a lot to set up for Tim’s surprise. It was dinner, of course, he couldn’t get into the kitchen without Alfred magically appearing and shooing him away, only to bring Tim food whenever he ended up.

At seven o’clock, Bruce appeared and changed into a sweater and a different pair of slacks, he gave Tim a tiny grin and said, “One hour.” And *there* was that impatience boiling up again, so Tim grabbed his laptop and went through criminal files for fifty minutes.

For the last ten, he rifled through their closet, running hands over all his options. Bruce had said something comfortable and Tim always felt comfortable when he was wearing one of Bruce’s sweaters. He stopped and grabbed a cream colored one, slipping it over his pajama bottoms, immediately surrounded with the ever present scent of his lover, so close now. He grinned and padded barefoot out the door and down the hall.

Bruce’s study door always used to feel so…intimidating. That was before he started dating the man, now he couldn’t help but feel… *loved* would probably be the appropriate word. The study was where he and Bruce would spend their private moments, it was their sanctuary and now--

He knocked once against the aged wood and heard Bruce’s voice inviting him in. Before he could even glimpse at the interior of the study though, Bruce grabbed him up in his arms, spinning the teen slightly. “You’re right on time.” Bruce smiled and kissed the teen, lips wet and warm.

“Mmm…my surprise?”

“Right here.”

It was a picnic, full of red and white, sitting nicely on the rug of Bruce’s study. There were candles resting on tiny saucers and the fireplace was lit and heating the room while snow dusted the land just outside the Manor windows.

The food, it smelled better then usual and maybe that was only because Tim was surrounded by Bruce’s scent. Even the sweet scent of the Valentine pastries couldn’t compare. His stomach rumbled anyways and Bruce laughed, setting the teen down.

“Alfred’s been keeping you out of the kitchen all day?”

“Yeah,” Tim grinned and pulled the tall man down into a kiss. “But it was worth it. Is this number one on your list?”

“Yes.“ Bruce led him over to the picnic, a hand laying steadily against Tim’s lower back. The food looked better up close, much better and Tim’s mouth watered slightly at the sight. He could smell the spices there, sitting down on the floor, next to Bruce. There was even a pot of chocolate fondue with plenty of fruit to go with it. Tim *couldn’t* wait for that part of the night. “An entire night all by ourselves.”

It looked like they wouldn’t be going out on patrol after all.

“You like it?” Bruce smiled with his eyes too, this time.

“Yes, it all looks so delicious. Thank you.” Tim scooted along the floor until he was up against Bruce, half leaning against their couch. He eyed the food, the lamb smelled fantastic and it wasn’t another moment before Bruce lifted up the plate and utensils. He cut through one tiny piece and speared it with the fork.

The teen opened his mouth and bit the meat off the fork. “Mmm!” Tim cried victoriously, it made Bruce smile wide and cut off another piece for the teen.

“Is it good?” His young lover nodded with the fork still in his mouth.

“My starving little bird.”

A few more pieces and Tim took the plate and utensils from Bruce’s hands. “My turn.” Tim never thought he would have so much fun feeding his lover, but then again, he hadn’t ever really imagined *this*. He let out a little giggle, watching Bruce happily eat a portion of their main dish.


“So, what about my present,” the man lazily asked while feeding Tim a strawberry. Their main dish was gone, lovingly devoured. Alfred would have to make that again sometime. Bruce seemed to enjoy feeding Tim the fruit and pastries more, maybe because he could actually get his fingers into the teen’s mouth.

“Umm…god, hold on and I’ll go get it!” Tim was gone out of the study with a blast of air, leaping over the couch and running out the door. It wasn’t another five minutes before the teen was sitting next to his lover again. “Well, it’s not as great as an indoor picnic but…” There was a black box in his hand, wrapped with a red ribbon. He shyly handed it over to the man, blushing slightly.

“Let me be the judge of that.”

The box wasn’t too hard to open, a pull of ribbon and the pop of a tab. He put a hand inside and…there was something rectangular and hard. Pulling it out, it was a picture frame, made out of beautiful cherry wood that seemed years older then Tim and Bruce’s lives combined. It contained a picture of him and Tim, from their trip to Italy a few months ago, where Tim confessed his love to Bruce.

They had been sitting at the back end of the cottage, facing the ocean and Tim popped the picture as the sun was setting. It turned out even more beautiful then Bruce had expected. He smiled, “Thank you, Tim. It’s…lovely.”

“You really like it?”

“Yes, yes…I love it.” It was then that he pulled the teen towards him. “Thank you,” he said again, against the teen’s forehead, leaving a little kiss there. “I’ll cherish it forever.”

“Thank you…for this.” Tim leaned closer to him, smiling and then collapsing into his arms. This was the perfect day for him and his lover.

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