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the lion king 3: scars return

by houndburn

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scar along with his fellows, Nuka and Zira have cheated death and come back. its up to a lioness called saber ,her friends and the sprits of kopa and mheetu to add kovu in this war win.

the lion king 3: scars return
“Dad I want a true story

“Dad I want a true story!” chided the cub. “Well here is the story of scars return.”

Not that long, when Simba had died of old age, Kovu was crowned king. But something else was a stir. A lighting bolt struck the ground delivering its charges. The three lions shook those shelves. The largest of the three stared towards the sky and yelled “look at me now father and brother! I'm back from the dead while you're still cold in your graves!” if you look closely at him perhaps we can identify him. Look there! Across his left eye! It's a scar! It's a scar!

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