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Morning Bells

by Aveala

Libraries: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Original Fiction, Series

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I have an ordinary life. I have an ordinary life. I have a- boring, ordinary life! Why in the world did Heather have to keep repeating these words to herself? How could having to tell yourself that possibly be ordinary?

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Chapter 1, Back cover summary

    Heather Patterson’s story began on the icy night of January 6, 1993 at exactly 2:00 A.M.. Her story ended on January 6, 2093 at exactly 2:00 A.M.. It was a fairly short life compared to the new standards of the time and many questioned the cause. For, by all accounts, she was in perfect health and should have had, at least, fifteen more years before her passing. She was a medical mystery.

    Despite the many coroners who would have loved to get their hands on her body to examine it, her funeral was held a week later and many friends and family showed up to pay their respects. It was a beautiful, traditional ceremony and even the newspaper got involved to describe it to the masses who had heard of her mysterious death. Later, one of her children would write a biography about her that would become a best seller. It seemed like everyone knew Heather Patterson in some way. However, he truth was that there were many things people didn’t know about Heather. Things that would explain her mysterious death, her many changes over the years, and why some of the strange characters had shown up to her proceedings.

    Heather Patterson’s story began on the icy night of January 6, 1993 at exactly 2:00 A.M.. And from that very moment on, it would be a strange and treacherous one. One that changed the fate of numerous worlds, without anyone even having a clue of what had happened.

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