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One of The Boys

by angelic-anji

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Well, I came up with a story idea while listening to the song "One of the boys" By Katy Perry!=D This story is about Katy Lynn Miller and about how she changes from one of the boys to one of the girls.

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Chapter 1, One of The Boys?!

It was another typical Friday morning waking up to my mothers voice screaming at me to get up.
"Get up Katy!" Mom called loudly from downstairs.
"I'm coming mom" I called back.
Yep, you guessed it, that's me, Katy. I'm just a 15-year-old girl who has black hair and bright green eyes. Today is my first day of High School and I wasn't as exactly thrilled to go back to school as my best friends Benji and Kalvin were. Benji has been my friend since like forever, he's 15, is tallish and cute-looking with greyish eyes, and blond hair while Kalvin has been my friend since 5th grade, is 16, has red eyes, and brown hair. While I was lost in my thoughts my mom burst through the door, pulled the cover off my bed and yelled to get me up.
"Okay, okay, I'll get up mom" I said quietly.
As soon as my mom left the room I quickly threw something on from the other day, and ran my fingers though my hair.
"Okay, I'm up mom!" I yelled while running down the stairs.
"Honestly Katy, can't you wear something good for the first day of school?" My mom asked me in a disgusted tone.
"Um.." I though of an excuse in my haste "I have to go now, bye mom!" I kissed my mom, grabbed a piece of toast from the kitchen and scurried off to school.
Part of that was true, I did have to go to school, and I about missed my first class! My first class was with Mrs. Clouse,she taught Algebra, my least favorite class. At least Kalvin was in there, and Mrs. Clouse mostly talked about the classroom rules, so I just talked to Kalvin about how our summers went. The rest of the day went smoothly until lunch, then I started think of stuff I've never though of... When Benji, Kalvin, and I went to lunch together as always, there was this new girl named Kendra that was very shy. She was in my English class, and she walked up to our table, and asked to sit with us. Not a problem, we all nodded our heads, and she sat with us. At the end of lunch was when the trouble happened, when we went to dump our lunch trays Kendra asked me if I wanted to be her friend since she didn't have any yet. I was about to eagerly say yes, but Benji cut in and said "No way."
I could see tears filling up her eyes, and her sadly walking away to the girls restroom.
"What the hell is wrong with you Benji?!" I yelled as I slapped him across the face.
"Your one of the boys, and you don't need to have a girl as a friend Katy!" Benji said nerviously waiting for me to slap him again.
"Benji is right, she'll contaminate your mind Katy!" Kalvin agreed.
One of the boys? I couldn't believe how shallow Benji and Kalvin were acting.

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