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Misunderstood Love

by NegativeZero

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You walk away never understanding the deeper meaning of mai words...

I took you by the hand and said that Im in love,
But when you heard those words you said you've heard enough,
I stood there as you ran but I couldn't see you cry,
But I wasn't finished saying that I've loved you all mai lyfe,
And all your friends turned so then I turned away,
But I left you a note saying the things I wanted to say,
It said, " If you read this message you knoe that I was scared,
I wanted to say in person I love you and I care,
But I guess it didn't happen cuz fate can change the cards,
So I guess todai was not the day Id hold you in mai arms,
And if we ever meet again I hope I get this chance,
To finally say I love you so with one neverending dance,
But if the time comes for you to love another,
I'll still be your closest friend more treated like a 'brother',
Hopefully you'll still be waiting for a prince to come along,
But even if I wasn't rich Ill enrich you with mai song."
Signed with love and X and O's from a boy you knew before,
And everyday that Im away Ill love you so much more."

© 2004 TimZ

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