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by toiunplus

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Ruki and Kai get sick, and Uruha and Aoi take care of them.

Uruha stirred as his alarm clock went off. He slapped the snooze button and reluctantly opened his eyes, squinting as bright sunlight filtered through the curtains. He yawned and stretched before glancing over his shoulder to look at the time. Eleven o’clock. Practice didn’t start until two so he and Ruki had plenty of time to get ready.

At the thought of his lover he glanced down at the vocalist who was snuggled up to him. He frowned as he noticed Ruki’s flushed face. It looked like the vocalist was blushing. He wondered if his boyfriend was dreaming about something dirty. Maybe he’s thinking about ‘scoring’, he mused, chuckling softly as he cast the sleeping vocalist’s soccer uniform –which doubled as his pajamas- a glance.

“Time to wake up, Ru,” Uruha said. He laid his hand against Ruki’s cheek and jerked it back immediately. His skin was hot to the touch.

The vocalist shifted and opened his eyes, blinking up at Uruha. His brown eyes were glassy and he looked awful.

“Morning, Ru,” the guitarist said. He stroked Ruki’s cheek as his free hand pressed against the smaller man’s back to pull him closer.

Ruki buried his face in his chest. “Mm,” he replied.

“You don’t feel so good,” Uruha said in concern.

“I feel like shit.”

The guitarist rubbed his back. “Fever?” That would explain why Ruki had seemed to be blushing.

He felt Ruki nod. “My head hurts too.”

Uruha started to massage the vocalist’s scalp and smiled at the contented noise his touch elicited. Ruki sounded like he was purring.

“Want me to call Kai and ask him to cancel practice?” the guitarist asked, pulling him closer. Even if Ruki said no he’d call anyway. The vocalist was in no condition to go anywhere.

He felt Ruki nod and he leaned away to pick his cell phone up off the table. He returned to his place at Ruki’s side and the vocalist immediately glued their bodies together. He pressed his face into Uruha’s chest and wrapped his arms around his waist. The guitarist’s fingers returned to Ruki’s hair and he resumed massaging his scalp, hoping the gentle touch would help with his headache.

Uruha dialed Kai’s number with his free hand and held the phone to his ear, waiting for the drummer to answer.

“Hello?” It was Aoi’s voice and he was speaking quietly.

“Aoi? Why are you whispering?”

“Kai’s asleep,” the guitarist replied. There was a note of concern to his voice and Uruha wondered what was wrong.

“Is everything okay?”

“Kai isn’t feeling well.”

“Neither is Ruki. He’s got a fever and a headache. I was calling to ask Kai if we could skip practice today.”

“Mm,” Aoi agreed. “I’ll tell him when he wakes up. Could you call Reita and tell him practice is cancelled? I’m worried Kai will wake up if I keep talking…”

“Of course. Take care of him for me,” Uruha said.

“I will,” the guitarist promised. He said goodbye and hung up.

Uruha drew Ruki a little closer and felt the vocalist’s small fingers curl around his t-shirt He glanced down and smiled softly as he discovered that Ruki had gone back to sleep. He smoothed the blonde strands out of the vocalist’s face and pressed a gentle kiss against his forehead. He hated seeing Ruki sick but couldn’t deny that the vocalist was adorable when he was like this.

Uruha wrapped an arm around Ruki’s waist and dialed Reita’s number. The phone rang and rang and he wondered if he’d have to leave a message when his friend finally answered.

“Hello?” Reita asked in a hoarse voice.

The guitarist frowned. “Rei, are you okay? You sound like hell.”

“I feel like it.” Muffled coughing could be heard in the background and Uruha’s frown deepened.

“What do you have?”

“I’ve been coughing all night and I’m congested.”

Uruha grimaced in sympathy. That was always a nasty combination. “Stay home and rest today. Practice is cancelled since Ruki and Kai both have fevers, and you’re sick too.”

“Okay.” Reita coughed again. “Look after Ru for me.”

“I will,” Uruha promised. “Bye.” He hung up once the bassist had returned his farewell. He debated whether or not he should call Aoi and tell him that Reita was also sick. He didn’t want to risk waking up Ruki or Kai, but he felt his fellow guitarist deserved to know about Reita’s health.

He glanced at Ruki to see if the vocalist was still asleep, which he was, and dialed Aoi’s number.

“Hello?” The guitarist asked, speaking in a whisper.

“Hi, Aoi. I just called Reita to tell him about practice and he’s sick too,” Uruha whispered back. He started massaging Ruki’s scalp with his fingers again and smiled as he felt the vocalist snuggle closer to him.

“I hope he feels better soon.”

“Me too. Is Kai still sleeping?”

“Yes. I assume Ruki is too?”

 “Yeah. I’ll let you go so you can take care of Kai.”

“Mm. You do the same with Ruki.”

“I will,” Uruha promised. “Goodbye.”

“Bye,” Aoi replied, disconnecting the call.

The guitarist hung up and set the phone aside. He wrapped his arms around Ruki and held him close, resting his chin on top of the vocalist’s head as he cuddled up to the too-warm figure in his arms.


*   *   *


Aoi absently combed his fingers through Kai’s dark hair and worried his lip ring with his tongue. He didn’t like seeing the drummer, or any of his band mates, like this. Kai, Ruki, Reita… he and Uruha were the only healthy ones left.

Kai shifted and Aoi glanced down. The drummer was glued against him and had his face buried in his shoulder. The arms around Aoi’s waist tightened as Kai slowly raised his head. “Aoi…?”

“I’m here,” the guitarist soothed, kissing his forehead.

“What time is it?”


Kai fidgeted and started to get up but Aoi caught him and gently pulled him back into his arms. “Aoi, we need to get ready for practice and I have to be there early so I can talk to the managers,” he protested.

The guitarist shook his head firmly. “Practice is cancelled, love. Ruki and Reita are sick and you’re in no condition to go anywhere.”

Kai wound his arms around his waist again and snuggled up to him. “What are they sick with?”

“Ru’s got a fever and a headache and Reita has a chest cold.”

“I should go make them some soup. Reita can’t cook and Uruha’s not very good at it,” Kai murmured.

Aoi chuckled. The drummer was so sweet with his desire to take care of everyone. “Don’t forget to take care of yourself, love. If you’re feeling better later then we’ll go help our friends.”

Kai grumbled a little but nodded. “Alright. I’ll call the managers and then I’ll try to get some more sleep.” He picked up his phone and dialed their manager’s number, explaining the situation and promising to call tomorrow with an update on their conditions. He hung up the phone after saying goodbye and returned his face to its former position in Aoi’s shoulder. The guitarist started to massage his scalp, gently running his fingers through his hair.

“Mm, that feels so nice,” Kai murmured.

Aoi smiled and pulled him a little closer before continuing his ministrations. After a few minutes of his soothing touch Kai fell back to sleep and the guitarist lowered one arm to drape around the drummer’s waist.

He sighed softly as he thought of his friends. He felt bad for Reita since the bassist had no lover to care for him and look after him while he was sick. Ruki had Uruha and Kai had him, but Reita was alone. He made a mental note to call his friends later and rested his face in Kai’s hair. He closed his eyes and breathed in the drummer’s scent. The gentle rhythm of Kai’s breathing soon lured him back to sleep and he relaxed, knowing he’d wake again if his lover needed him.


*   *   *


Uruha yawned and opened his eyes, wondering when he’d fallen asleep again. He felt Ruki stir and he moved his chin off the vocalist’s head so he could look up. They’d gotten even closer during their sleep, their legs intertwined and their arms locked around each other.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, stroking Ruki’s cheek.

The vocalist shrugged. “A little better… my head doesn’t hurt as much.”

“That’s good,” Uruha said. He was glad Ruki’s pain had decreased but the fever was still lingering. His skin was still flushed and too warm. Uruha started to untangle himself from the vocalist and stretched. He wanted to check Ruki’s temperature, give him some medicine, and get some food for the both of them.

Ruki’s small hand shot out and caught the front of his t-shirt. “Don’t leave,” he pleaded.

Uruha leaned down and kissed the vocalist’s forehead. “I’ll be right back. I’m just going to get a thermometer and some medicine, and then I’ll make us lunch.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“But you need to eat. How about I make you some soup?”

Ruki nodded grudgingly. “Alright… but only if you take me with you.”

Uruha chuckled and pulled the sheets back. “Alright.” He slipped one arm underneath Ruki’s knees and gently swept him into his arms before carrying him into the bathroom. He set the vocalist down on the edge of the sink and reached over him to take a thermometer and a bottle of medicine out of the cabinet. He handed them to Ruki, holding back a smile at the sight of the vocalist’s legs hanging off the counter. He was so small and cute… not that he’d say that to Ruki’s face.

He kissed the vocalist on the cheek and picked him up again before bringing him into the kitchen. He pulled a chair out with his foot and set Ruki in it. “Can you take your temperature now?”

“Sure.” Ruki stuck the thermometer in his mouth and Uruha pulled it out when it beeped, frowning at the numbers. Ruki was running a fever of 101 degrees.

“Ru, I think we should take you to a doctor,” he said.

The vocalist shook his head. “No… I’ll be fine later,” he mumbled, leaning over to press his face against the cool surface of the table.

Uruha sighed and stroked his hair. If Ruki wasn’t feeling any better tomorrow he’d take him to the doctor. “I’ll go make your soup now.”

“But you’re terrible at cooking.”

The guitarist pouted. “I can make soup! Reita’s the one that can’t cook to save his life.”


Uruha rolled his eyes and kissed Ruki’s cheek again before going into the kitchen. He filled a glass with water and gave it to the vocalist, making sure he took his medicine before going over to the stove. He took a pot and ingredients out and started making his soup. When it was ready he poured the soup into two bowls and returned to Ruki. He set the bowl in front of him and moved to sit in the chair next to him but paused as Ruki seized his hand.

“Sit with me.”

“Okay.” Uruha gently picked Ruki up and sat down in the chair, setting the vocalist in his lap. Ruki wound his arms around his neck and sagged against his chest, looking tired. Uruha stroked his back and dipped a spoon into the bowl of soup. He held it to Ruki’s lips and slipped the spoon into his mouth when Ruki opened it. He spoon fed Ruki the rest of the soup since the vocalist looked like he didn’t have the strength to feed himself. Once Ruki had eaten all he could he put his head back on Uruha’s chest and curled his fingers around his shirt.

“How was it?” Uruha asked.

“Mm… not as bad as I thought it’d be,” Ruki murmured.

Uruha chuckled and rubbed his back before picking up his own bowl. He ate as quickly as he could since he could tell that Ruki wanted to go back to bed. Once he’d finished he pushed the bowl aside and glanced down at Ruki. “Do you want to get some more sleep?”

Ruki nodded miserably and Uruha kissed his forehead before lifting him up into his arms and carrying him back to the bedroom. He set the vocalist down and pulled the sheets back before lying down. Ruki curled up against him and Uruha pulled the sheets over them. The guitarist wrapped his arm around the vocalist’s waist and started massaging his scalp. Ruki made a purring noise and snuggled closer, pressing his face against his chest.

“Do you feel any better now?”

“My headache’s almost gone.”

“That’s good.” Uruha smiled as the little arms wrapped around him. Ruki would be back on his feet in no time. He just needed plenty of rest and medicine. “Feel better soon, Ru.” He laid his head against the vocalist’s and breathed in the sweet smell of his hair before closing his eyes.


*   *   *


Uruha had been half dozing when he heard the doorbell ring. He started and opened his eyes, meeting Ruki’s confused ones. Who would be visiting them today? Reita had sounded too sick to move and Aoi wouldn’t let Kai out of the house when he was ill.

“I’ll get it.” The guitarist started to get up but Ruki seized his arm. “Ru, I have to get the door.”

Ruki released him and slowly pushed himself into a sitting position. Uruha realized what the vocalist wanted and sat down on the edge of the bed, leaning over so Ruki could climb onto his back. “Here, I’ll bring you out to the door.”

“Thanks.” The vocalist clambered onto his back and laid his head against his shoulder. Uruha hooked his arms behind Ruki’s knees and winced as he felt the burning heat against him. Ruki was still too hot and the multiple naps they’d taken hadn’t been enough to give him more strength.

Uruha carried Ruki out into the living room as the doorbell rang again. “Ru, can you get the door?” He shifted so the vocalist could reach it and Ruki leaned over to open the door before returning to his former slumped position on Uruha’s back.

Both were surprised at the sight of Reita, Kai, and Aoi standing on their doorstep. All three looked like they’d just rolled out of bed. Kai was in a black t-shirt and purple pajama pants with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. His face was flushed with fever and he was slumped against Aoi, who had his arm around the drummer. Reita didn’t seem to be any better. His blonde hair was messy and he was in a grey t-shirt, sweatpants, and a jacket. A box of tissues was tucked under his arm and he wasn’t wearing his noseband. Aoi was in his t-shirt and jersey pants, casting concerned looks between the two men.

Kai gave Ruki a weary smile. “You don’t look so good, Ru.”

“Neither do you.”

“Come in,” Uruha said, backing up to let the three enter. Aoi shut the door behind him and cast him an apologetic look.

“Kai wanted to make Ruki soup and we picked up Rei since he doesn’t have anyone to take care of him,” the guitarist explained, hugging Kai and casting their bassist a concerned look.

Reita took that moment to cough horribly. Uruha gave his childhood friend a sympathetic look and led them into the kitchen, Ruki clinging to him the entire time. “I can make some more soup if you’d like,” he offered.

Kai shook his head. “You aren’t a good cook.”

“Everyone’s insulting my cooking abilities today,” Uruha grumbled. He gently peeled Ruki off his back and sat down in a chair, placing the vocalist in his lap once more. Reita claimed the seat next to him and set his tissues on the table. Aoi fussed over Kai as the drummer went over to the stove.

Ruki snuggled closer and Uruha wrapped his arms around the sick vocalist. “Kai, you don’t have to cook. I can make something.”

“Yes I do. Ruki and Reita need proper soup.”

“I already made soup for Ru!”

“He needs more,” the drummer replied firmly. “And you shouldn’t leave dirty dishes lying around.” He cast the pot and bowls a disapproving look and walked over to clean up the table, swaying slightly.

Aoi steadied him and took the dishes from him. “I’ll clean up,” he said.

“No, you don’t have to,” Uruha protested. He would have taken care of the dishes but looking after Ruki was more important.

“It’s fine, Uruha.” Aoi rinsed out the pot and bowls and put them in the dishwasher. Kai returned to the kitchen and took out some ingredients. He opened the cupboard and reached up to get out a clean pot. His legs shook and Aoi immediately grasped his arms to support him. “Kai, you should rest.”

The drummer shook his head and Aoi sighed but took out the bowl and let his lover take care of the soup. Uruha watched them, feeling guilty since Kai was doing all the work. He glanced down as Ruki snuggled closer to him with a yawn.

“Still tired?”

“Mm,” Ruki replied, nodding against him.

Uruha rubbed his back and grimaced as Reita coughed again. “Rei, are you alright?”

“Fine,” the bassist replied hoarsely.

Uruha was unconvinced but didn’t get a chance to question him since Kai announced that the soup was ready. The drummer set bowls in front of them and sat down in a chair. Aoi grasped him around the waist and lifted him up, causing him to squeak in surprise. The guitarist chuckled and sat down, pulling Kai into his lap.

“Thanks for making the soup, Kai. It smells great,” Uruha said, glancing at Ruki. “Do you think you can feed yourself?”

The vocalist shook his head wearily and laid his head against Uruha’s shoulder. The guitarist smiled softly and began spoon feeding Ruki like he’d done earlier.

“Aw,” Aoi said, grinning as he wrapped his arms around Kai’s waist. The drummer let out a soft laugh and Reita chuckled as well but it soon turned into a horrible, hacking cough.

“Shut up,” Ruki mumbled.

Uruha kissed the vocalist’s forehead and continued spooning the soup into his mouth, pausing every so often so he could eat some of his own soup. Ruki was adorable when he was like this but he wouldn’t tell him that.

Kai picked up his bowl and slumped back against Aoi’s chest. He dipped the spoon in and held it to his lips, looking startled as Aoi took the spoon from him.

“Would you like me to feed you too?” the guitarist offered as he slipped the spoon into Kai’s mouth.

The drummer blushed and reclaimed his spoon. “I’ll be fine.”

“Aww,” Uruha said, grinning at them. Ruki laughed a little but quieted as the guitarist slipped another spoonful of soup into his mouth.

“Come on, Rei. Eat your soup too,” Uruha said as he noticed that Reita had yet to try any.

The bassist cast the bowl a wary glance but tried a small spoonful. He lowered it, looking surprised. “It’s good.”

“Really?” A bright smile lit up Kai’s face and Uruha cast Reita a startled look. The bassist was always grumbling about their leader’s cooking and insisting he disliked the taste of it.

“What? He makes good soup,” Reita replied defensively, setting the bowl down as he started to cough again.

“Thanks, Rei,” Kai said.

 “Do you want some water?” Uruha offered as Reita rubbed his throat. He grasped Ruki’s forearms and starting to move him so he could get up. The vocalist growled and seized Uruha’s thighs to prevent him from standing.

“I’ll get it myself. Ru looks like he’ll eat whoever makes him move,” the bassist replied, grabbing another tissue as he went to get a glass. He drank it down and filled it again before coming back to the table.

“I’m glad you finally realized you like Kai’s cooking,” Aoi said, rubbing the drummer’s arm. Kai sighed in contentment and leaned back against him, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek.

“He only took so long to realize it because he’s a dumbass,” Ruki mumbled.

Uruha burst out laughing as the bassist scowled. “Shut it, shrimp,” Reita said but started coughing again.

Ruki grumbled a curse about being called short and Uruha snuggled him a little closer, kissing his forehead before glancing up at his friends. “Why don’t the three of you stay here for the night? Then Mother Kai can take of Ru and Rei, and Aoi can look after him and make sure he doesn’t wear himself out.”

Kai objected to being called ‘Mother’ but Aoi nodded. “That’s a good idea.”

“So long as you don’t fuck each other on the carpet,” Ruki mumbled, resting his head on Uruha’s shoulder as the guitarist fed him the last mouthful of soup.

“As if the two of you don’t do enough of that already,” Reita muttered.

Uruha blushed and hid his face in Ruki’s hair.

“Ru’s too sick to do anything to him right now though,” Aoi reminded with a soft chuckle.

“Yeah. I bet Uruha’s glad about that. He doesn’t need another carpet burn.”

Uruha blushed fiercely and flipped Reita off. Even though his band mates were harassing him it was nice to hear Reita and Kai laughing. Even Ruki was chuckling, weak laughter shaking his small frame. He’d been worried about the vocalist’s lethargic behavior all day and it was good to see his band mates with a little more energy.

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