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Waiting For You

by NegativeZero

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It had been a long day and she told him it was over...

It had been a long day and she told him it was over. He cried for many days on end never understanding why or what had happened. He sat there staring at himself in the mirror. He had anger within his eyes. He started to scream, " I hate you... Godammit, I hate you so much... you see what you did. Its all you're fault she left... Its all your fault..." He continued to repeat it to himself, " Its all mai fault." For many days now he couldnt eat. He could not sleep. He couldnt think. Damn. He was a mess. He finally decided that it was time to pick himself up and put back the pieces of wat was left of his broken heart. He saw her again at the store when she was buying some paper and pencils for the school year because she had ran out. She noticed him the second she laid eyes on him. She looked away for a minute as he walked up to her. He told her, " I stopped crying..." She continued to avoid his eyes. He told her that he didnt understand anything and that he was still confused about why things happened the way it did. He started to tear up again and he broke down to his knees. He told her that she was the only person that he ever loved and that he still loved her. She still didnt look at him but her eyes began to water. Tears were falling down her face and she dropped everything and ran. He got up and left the store looking for her. He saw her in her car wiping her eyes. He went up beside her window and told her, " So now its over..." He left with those words. That night the boy sat up in bed looking out his window. He wanted to go for a walk because it was during summer and there wasa nice breeze that night. He began to go to the places where the girl and him went to when they were together. He was remembering everything that they had done together. He stopped at the park where he saw the swing that he use to push her on. Oh the memories. He sat in the swing and thought about her. He was talking to himself for a moment. He said, " I miss you girl... I dont knoe why I love you so much... but I do." He stayed there until the sun came up that morning. After the sun has risen he went home because he felt tired. When he got home he collapsed on the floor.

The girl decided that she had to tell him the truth. She had to tell him why she felt that she had to end it. She began calling his house but no one picked up the phone. She jumped out of bed and went straight to her car in her pajamas and went directly to his house. When she got out of the car she noticed the door was open and on the floor there was a person lying there. She ran to the door and screamed. She ran to the phone and called the police. That day they rushed him to the hospital and she was following them in her car.

The doctor said that he should be fine in a couple of days and that he just collapsed in exaustion. The truth was that his heart was dying out on him. She wait by his bedside only to awaken to see him still sleeping. One morning when his eyes began to open he saw her sleeping there by his side. She woke up and looked into his eyes crying. She was furious and told him never to do that again. He smiled and told her he was sorrie. She smiled back and hugged him. She got serious for a moment and told him that she had something to tell him. She told him the reason why she said what she said. She had fallen for someone else that day and that she wasnt in love with him anymore. His eyes began to wander as if he was lost. She told him that she was still in love with him but he just stared off in the distance as if he was trying to get away from her. Tears began to form in his eyes and she began to cry as well. She gave him a kiss and told her that she still loved him to. With those words everything didnt matter anymore and his pain had disappeared. He burst out crying, telling her he loved her too.

A few days after he was feeling well she took him home. As he got out of the car he smiled at her and then he had collapsed again. She screamed and ran to him. She told him to hold on cuz she was going to get help. He smiled again and said, " I love you girl... I asked God to see you once more and he let me stay here until the day you came back to me. Dont forget me okaie. I love you girl and I will alwasie be by your side. Please dont cry anymore." She screamed for help and she was holding him in her arms. She said, " Dont leave me. You can't leave me.... I love you and you promised that you wouldnt leave me." He told her again that he would alwaise be with her and that he loved her very much. With his final breath he gave her a kiss and told her again that he loved her. With those words said his heart stopped, his spirt lifted and she held him close and there she cried a river of tears.

© 2003 TimZ

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