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by flaakmonkey

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Legendary city abaddoned only to be claimed by demons, and the witchqueen. Now Tidus and other he runs into are fighting back to save their once home.

Chapter 1, Epilogue


The Rhengul are are there sworn enemy. Not a day goes by that a fight is won or a battle lost. In due time one will bow t the other, if not destroyed and wiped from the face of the planet first.

The Zeallions are a group of Warriors and Arcainist that rule Holandale, in the Northside of Follos. They are the Rhenguls sworn enemy. They have been at war going on 7 years now.

It all started when a Rhengul by the name of Zebbies was on trade route to Locklie in search of the Tai Blue Saya. The Sacred Weapon of the Anciet Zeke’s. While on his quest for evil to gain the power of the Tai Blue Saya to control all of Northen and Eastern Follos.
On his way he stopped in the town of Kholto where he spent the night in the towns inn. While there he saw a beautiful lady by the name Jasmie Staru.(the King of Holandales) she was a prodigal daughter at the time. Though she was on her own for the time being the King would not allow anything to happen to her. So until she comes to her senses, he had a secret band of men to watch her at all times. Though she knew nothing of this.

Zebbies decided she was beautiful and was looking for a good time. Mislabeling her as a local own inn ****, he went up to her room to indulge in a world of pleasure. When he got to the room the band of watch men had already got to the room first to finally reveal themselves to the Princess and bring her home.
They tried to seize him but while in the act they broke into a fight, and Zebbies in the end was victorious. And as a reward to himself he rape the Princess and then killed her. Thinking nothing of it and not even knowing who she was.

Thus the word got to the king and war spread through the land. The Luri,, the people who occupied Kholto, we automatically forced into war cause they witnessed a crime and did nothing to the perpetrator. After wiping out the Luri only one reamin away from battle for he was on his journey to fulfill his destiny and become the next Ruler of Ephraim, the Capitol of Follos.

Thus he is the only hope for all of Follos. For without him war would continue and eventually some day end in defeat to either the Rhenguls or the Zekes, the two biggest and most powerful nations. Oaf the Rhenguls won they would enslave the whole nation. If the Zekes won they would rule all the land with an iron fist and only care for those who are Zeke’s, only to leave the other nations in poverty.

Follos only hope is that the last of the Luri can find the Tai Blue Saya and continue towards the capitol to take his place on the throne and restore order.

We are the Fallen Soldiers of Follos. Outcast to the Capitol and banned never to come back. We are on a mission to find the last of the Luri and aid him in his quest to regain Follos and make peace throughout the land.


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