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by flaakmonkey

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Legendary city abaddoned only to be claimed by demons, and the witchqueen. Now Tidus and other he runs into are fighting back to save their once home.

Chapter 2, 1-1



Woken in a blaze of men moaning and crying. Horse's a stomping and fallen one's whining. Titus look up to see a sword to his neck. A gentlemen of 5'10, 300lbs, and a terrible smell stare at him. He smirks then he lifts sword as to slice his head off like a butcher does a swine. In a panic he cover his head with his sheep skin blanket that his mother had made him some time ago. He then realizes that it sure has been awhile since he raised his sword, he should have struck him already. So he takes a peak from beyond his blanket. There's no one there. He hears no moaning or crying of men for their life anymore. No yelling or horse's stomping through the plains. He got up to look around outside his tent, it was still night. The wind was picking up, but gentle and queit, as it it past up his animal skins. He rubs his arms and curses. [i]Bloody dream[/i], he thought. He headed back into the tent to go back to sleep. For he had a long journey upon him in the days to come. And tomorrow would be no exception.

Titus Wolfbane, a noble warrior who's past had not been pretty. He was raised by farmer's out in the open lands of Follos, a rural place in Battleon. His mom died while giving birth to him, and his dad he had never seen. Though it is told he died at the helm of a fight in the freedom of his people from the once ruler of the land, King Aburey Hitton. He was an evil king who had pushed Follos, once a great and powerful nation, backwards a few ages. He eventually succumbed to his own demise when one of his servants, part of the Rebel's (Which consisted of Royal Blood and Royal Servants) killed him while he bathe one night. As fo Titus he had only heard this lore from whatever merchants from the capitol of Follos, Holandales, would pass through once a month for trade with his adopted father Pilo and mother Susan when he was a young lad. 
Titus a crafty Warrior. He was taught to fight by his now father, Pilo, who once served the great army of Follos back in the King Rual Paston era. He would always go on how great a king he was. A king who would fight in the battles that Follos fought, a very unwise thing to do by most standard's. He died of course in battle as one might have expected in a win over the nation of Rion. A nation no more but people still exist in many far regions of the world, mostly as refugee's. That very day of victory would be Follos last great day for many years to come. As that same day Aburey Hitton became the new king. Also in the very same week Follos fell apart, into three groups.
The Fallen Soldiers were a group of soldiers who refused to serve there new and vile king, so they where banisehed from Follos forever. They founded a camp outside Sental, at the bottom of the Battleon Mountains. They have been awaiting the news of a boy who can save them from banishment, and the one they must protect and follow to regain Follos. That day is now in year five.
The Outcast is the second group. A people who once served as everyday citizens who refused to live under such a king. They are the one's who left Follos before they were captured and killed by the king. He did not tolerate disloyalty. So they fled to the plains if Battleon, into Daggerwolf Forest.
The Rebel's are the third and final group of people cast out of Follos. They are the Royal family and servants of who are no longer, Royal. They have made their home in the what now lies in ruins, the remains of the Capitol of Rion, Harkard.
All still awaiting the day the new king takes over Follos, and restores a once great nation back to the top.


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