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drabble 8 second chances

by Kichi

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very end of Frieza saga, Vegeta contemplates his "Second Chance"

TITLE: Second Chances
PAIRING (if applicable):
NOTES: This is the week 8 drabble. I saved the email about it but never did it, and I figured no one would
mind if I did it and sent it anyway.
ARCHIVE: http//:www.geocities.com/kichisama666/drabble.html
SUMMARY: very end of Frieza saga, Vegeta contemplates his "Second Chance"

She had said something about him having a second chance, but it seemed like a second chance to be tortured. He hated this place and all it's people. He hated the fact that he couldn't leave and even if he could he had nowhere to go.
Maybe she'd meant that he'd get a second chance to die once Frieza kicked this shit out of Kakarotto and came looking for him.
If he even knew...
His eyes widened in dawning realization, Frieza most likely had no clue he'd been brought back to life. But he would most likely come to Chikyuu if only to destroy it.
My dad is a super Saiyan! I saw it! He frowned remembering the brat's words before he'd silenced the boy with a well-aimed kick to his jaw. If it was true, he was worrying needlessly, Frieza would surely die. But then Kakarotto would return, how would he defeat a super Saiyan?
I did some pretty cool training... Kakarotto's words coming back to haunt him. He was already changed when he reached Namek! And when he and Nappa had come to Chikyuu he had increased his strength ten-fold!
What the hell was the bastard doing? And how could he find out? It was the only way! He had to become Super Saiyan and defeat the fool once and for all!
Everything depended on it, or this second chance would mean nothing.

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