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The FishHuman are a hidden race located in the waters of the Human world.

In this world I have seen only in but my dreams

In this world I have seen only in but my dreams...

A misty air, enough to keep you cool, but not enough to make you damp or ill.

The lights shine down upon the Temple's rooftop, glistening in the light. Their skin, a bluish gray, very rarely any with a greenish white color to them and eyes darker than black ice, dots on their faces, showing their age or just simple birthmarks. Fins on their arms and legs, some with dorsal fins, but most with their heads looking like wearing a hat with a tailfin or a simple tail at the end of their tail bone, allowing them to swim faster than anything out in the ocean and waters.

But, who… or what created them?



Yes, these Gods created them separate world and away from the Humanies and Twilians. They lived in the same world as the Humanies yes, but they lived on an alternate reality. Underwater, away from civilization, hundreds of thousands of feet below the water level humanies can withstand, but there is an air pocket that is just the right pressure for humanies as well. The only was either to swim there, which was possible but difficult for the FH as well, or using an air bubble that would stabilize the pressure in there, even when they went 50,000 bellow the surface. They Gods gave them only one rule to never disobey or suffer...

Never interact with a Humanies or Twilian.

Their King named Kudj was a traveler before he ruled. Always sneaking off, and breaking the rules his father, King Polson placed in order to make him stay into their world. Kudj traveled and disguised himself very well with the Humanie, he thought they were so fascinating, not being able to breath underwater or looking like how they did at all, and using paper for money instead of gems or stones, and using objects called 'cars' and 'busses' instead of walking, swimming or using carts.

But, one day, he saw the most interesting and beautiful Humanie of all... Her name was Ijun, named after what the God her parents believed in. After his father died Kudj became king, and being foolish, outlawed the law of Humanies, Twilians and FishHumans meeting. This upset the gods, but since Kudj was one of the smartest, they let it slide for now. A few years later, marring Ijun they hade their first born, Orin, a normal blue gray fishhuman boy with fins was born. Akuma is their second child, an exact replica of his father. Akuma, being the rare green white dorsal finned fishhuman boy. Then their third child Acua, having some features of his mother, was also a normal blue gray fishhuman.

Everything seemed fine, the Gods said and did nothing but feared the worst. Seven years later, their God Dormin passes on; he will be reborn into a new body, a vessel until that person has reached the age of a new sea.

Kudj and Ijun wanted one more child, so they did.

Until there fourth child arrived...

As Injun soon gave birth to the final child, she looked closely at her, then at Kudj. She was no ordinary FH, in fact… She was more human than anything, yet having the dots on her lower cheek and her chin, and the oval shaped symbol on her forehead to mark that she has her virginity. She had the caramel skin tone of her mother, the black hair as well. Ijun wraps her in a blanket and holds her close and says, “Kudj, the prophecy… is it really-“ Kudj grabbed her hand and looked at a wall, painted with the skills of a god. He looked at the girl carefully, and then looked at the wall and there was a painted picture of Dormin. “No, it cant be…” he stood up and walked over and touched the painting, that looked exactly like the baby Ijun just gave birth too. Ijun didn't want to believe it, so they let things slide and not tell anyone, but of course the gods knew. They decided to name her Deixtres after a dark blue rare gem that was only passed down in the family, and Akron from her father's last name. Deixtres Akron she was dubbed to be. Kudj accepted the name, but called her Dei [Day] instead, shorter and he thought it was cute for a baby girl who was so small and bubbly.

A few years past, and yet they told no one of her, but only one person, her teacher. She was home schooled until the age of 5, when the incident happened… Ijun was just walking around the palace playing with Dei hide and seek and games to keep her happy. “Dei, where are you little sunspot?” She said with a smile. Dei was hiding behind a statue, but something went amiss… One of her brothers, Acua decided to scare her, which made her angry. “Stop it you big meanie head!” she held her head and fell to her knees screaming in pain, only Acua watching in fear what was going onto his little sister. Small horns started to grow from the sides of her head and her hair had a faint purple color with some white streaks in it, and her nails grew longer and faded into the color black and her teeth grew even sharper than it already was. Ijun came running and knew what was going on, she had brought the blue gem which she was named after, said to drive out demons and angry spirits. This was no demon or angry spirit at all.

It was Dormin, the god who which reincarnated into her since they are both the only FHH. [Fishhuman Humans] Ijun cried and held her daughter closely and tried to calm her down, it worked! Ijun was the only one able to calm her with her soothing voice and peaceful way of holding her daughter close to herself though Deixtres could have killed her. The horns and hair and nails quickly went to their original state and Deixtres passed out, this was the first time that it had ever happened to her before, though she had gotten angry before. The last incident, which made her hate her father and her own race and her mothers death, droved her into the world above… The Lands.

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