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by FishHuman

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Prince Demious and Princess Deixtres meet after x ammount of years.

The smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves clashing with the bright sky made it seem more like a painting, other than r

The smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves clashing with the bright sky made it seem more like a painting, other than real. I stood up, thinking what today will hold. I picked up my seashell I found and ran to my kingdom. The busy streets with carts and merchants, the smell of fresh fish and seaweed moved along with the gusts of wind that flowed into your nostrils. I loved that smell, especially with mother's scent, it made me feel warm inside.

I opened the doors and ran to mother, tugging on her green dress and looking up. I was a very short for my age, and race. I am 5 years old I am no normal fishhuman; I am a fishhumahuman or FHH. My mother is a human, and my father is a FH. He is king and my mother is the queen of this land, which makes me a princess. I have three older brothers, Orin, Akuma and Acua. They where normal FH, sadly I was very different because I am my own race. That's right, no one in the worlds other than me, where FHH, my own race, and my own history. I felt very happy to be this way, because my father and mother loved me just as much as their other children.

I showed her the shell and she smiled down, the sweetest smile you could ever see. Her beautiful caramel skin with her pearly eyes is something to be proud of, in any world. She placed it in my hair, along with small shells I have found and got on her knees and said, “Where is my little sunspot?” touching my nose gently with one finger. I jumped up and hugged her and giggled. “Here I am here I am mommy!” My father came in and swooped me up and kissed me all over. I laughed and pleaded to stop, as he did, he held me by my ankles upside down and my face to his and smiled and kisses my nose. I grabbed his and looked around and asked, “Father, where is Demi? Wasn't he supposed to be here?” I looked around. Demi, or his full name Demious was to be my husband. My father engaged me with someone he trusted and felt worthy enough to wed his little princess.

Demi is a FH, but he had the appearance of an elf. His mother was a FH, and his father was an elf. My mother and father say, “He is a special child, just like you.” I have never met him, and he has seen me only as a baby. He is the age of 25, or 5 years old in the fh age. I must wed at my 13th human year, my 2 and a half FH years. My father, or King Kudj placed me on my feet and turned me around, my view was two legs covered in long white clothing. Nervously I looked up, looking at a man with black long hair, slightly pointed ears as I do, a few markings on his face which every FH baby is born with, and dark green eyes. I blushed and hid behind my father's leg hugging it tightly.

He smiled down and sat on one knee and had a gentle smile that was securing and put his finger under my chin. “Hello my fianc, how are you this fine day?” his voice to me sounded like doves singing in heaven. It was so smooth and calm, though usually fh are stern and strong to show no fear. My father placed a hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me forward. I was between his legs and arms as he held me close and smiled “Deixtres, you are such a beautiful child, I can not wait until we wedd.” The smell of a warm vanilla went inside my nose and I embraced my future husband. I was sad, he could not find one who he truly loved, nor could I. But what can we do? We are golden blood; we are told what to do until we rule.

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