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L.N.S.A CH 1.2

by jessenovels2009

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72 Hours Before The N.Y Attack

Chapter 1, Chapter 1.2

72 Hours Before the N.Y attack 


December 28, 2020

12:00 AM

New York City

Location: Jinx Nightclub


If there was one location where a wealthy, young adolescent could spend their parent's money, it was the nightclub Jinx. It was a popular hotspot catering to the rich and powerful of New York. It was a place where they could come and enjoy the exotic nightlife that Jinx showered it's most respectful customers with, as long as their bank accounts could sustain the cost.


Jinx started out as a small rock club that was founded by a Frenchman name Marcus Sauvage, an immigrant who had a strong passion for music ever since he was a child. He grew up listing to bands like the Clash, The Smiths, Tegan & Sara, Muse and Weezer. Music that opened his eyes to the world, and allowed him to live his life for what it was. It was the reason he decided to open the nightclub with the money he bled and worked for; a small token of appreciation to the art that became a safe haven for his soul in the dark days of his life.


Jinx housed the greatest Indie bands ever to set foot on this earth, bands that would later grow into hit sensations, but it was Sauvage who discovered them years before anyone knew of there existence, or even bother to listen to them play.


Sauvage received much respect and admiration for his keen eye in discovering such talent where others would have never seen. Rolling Stones magazine named him the "Music Guru" of our generation. A titled held with much pride.


With each passing year, Jinx became bigger and bigger, and with it's new found fame, Sauvage decided to take the nightclub into an all new direction; one that would make him rich and powerful beyond his wildest dreams; even if meant selling his soul and morals in the process. And so began the evolution from the rock club it use to be, to the glamours night club that was better know for it's insane nightlife to please any hungry soul.


But, there was something much more sinister that laid behind Jinx's walls, there was a world few knew about or even dared cross into. For Amy Young, it was a world she knew all to well, and one she relished with pride and joy. It was the reason she planned to introduce her friends Brook and Stacy to it. Just as she did to the others.


The late great Jim Morrison played on the dance floor, creating an ecstasy feel with the neon lights that washed out through the entire room. For some newcomers the atmosphere could overwhelm them, causing them to lose themselves in the moment, to Amy none of this seem to catch her eye anymore. Maybe she was jaded, but it failed to have the same effect to her, as it did to others.


" Damn, girls, we should be out there on the dance floor, there's a lot of hot meat." Brook said, as she eyed the men like a buffet.


"Jesus Christ, Brook, you sound like a fucking guy." Stacy pointed out to her as she took a sip of her rum and coke. "God only knows what would happen if you had a dick."


"Girl, the first thing I would do is take you to the bathroom stall and fuck you crazy."


Stacy wasn't disgusted at Brooks remark, in fact she was kinda of turned on by it; "Why wait?" She said with a seductive smile.


"Damn, girl, should we go now?" Brook asked eagerly.


Amy was stuck in the middle, between Brook and Stacy, as they pondered whether to have sexual intercourse in the bathroom stall. The first thing to cross Amy's mind was, "thank God I decided to take them to the bar for a drink" if she hadn't been drinking while hanging around these two, there was no telling what she would have done to them. However, alcohol could only do so much, in the end, it couldn't help her mentally block them for long. "Will you two bleach blonde bimbos save the lesbian fantasy for other time?"


"Said the red haired witch." Brook added, but Amy was in no mood for her jokes.


Amy leaned over and whispered into Brook's ear, "Be quiet, before I tell people why you really visited Dr. Michael's for."


"I'll be nice." Brook decided to pass the time by taking sips of her drink. Fearing to get on Amy's bad side, especially after she had found out about her herpes outbreak. Something she had caught from one of her ex's, and if word ever broke out about it, she would be the laughing stock for years to come.


"How long do we have to wait?" Stacy asked.


Amy sighed at her, annoyed and frustrated at her friend. "Until Reggie calls."


"This better be worth it."


Amy eye's gleamed. "Oh, trust me, it will." In that second her cell phone began to ring. "Okay, shut up, it's him." She instructed to them.


Amy: Finally, what took you so long.


Reggie: You've brought us more.


Amy: That's right


Reggie: Your two best friends. Are you sure you want to?


Amy: Of course.


Reggie: Have I ever told you that you're a cold heated bitch?


Amy: More then one occasion.


Reggie: Good.


Amy: So are they in?


Reggie: We've made a good choice acquiring you.


Amy: Damn straight.


Reggie: You just keep on bringing us more.


Amy: My Specialty.


Reggie: Widow knew what she was doing, when she brought you into our circle.


Amy: She always knows what's best.


Reggie: That's right.


Amy: You didn't answer my previous question.


Reggie: Bring them in, I'll take care of them.


Amy: See you there.


- Call Ended-


"You girls ready to see what Jinx is really about?" Amy smiled enthusiastically at Brook and Stacy. If they only knew what laid behind the mask of their dear friend. And what fate awaited for them.


To Be Continued . . .

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