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The Raven's only care

by Jereth Nian

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Grawr. that's dinosaur for "I love you, but I want to kill you."


The Raven’s call was faint
Amid the war-torn field
Forces that were good yet
Saw only the evil
Were scattered and taken
“Show no Mercy!” cried all
And Mercy was destroyed
Its heart torn out by rage
Bleeding with the wounded
Dying with the dying.
Finally was day gone
And when They retreated
The cries of the widowed
Echoed ‘round the heavens
Hate had torn them apart
But sorrow would unite.
In the end as always
The living couldn’t live
Instead they sought the cold
And death won again.
But who cries for Mercy?
Its heart was cut apart
And devoured by these
Who are the most savage
Whose excuse became truth
But only in their faith
“This is our divine right!
Those are the accursed!”
But who really is cursed?
Can it be those that lost?
They retreat in the night
Leaving loved ones taken
Swearing they’ll have vengeance
They’ll pray, they’ll sweat, they’ll bleed
But in the end they’ll win
The battle’s lost to them
But they shall win the war
God shall smile upon them
Even as they are damned
With a smile on their lips.
The Watcher rises high
His Lady has loved him
Gorged upon their dead dreams
Death smiles at His black form
From the broken blood field
Another day has past
Another feast prepared
Tomorrow’s a new day
He waits for a new meal
But remembers nothing.
The sun shall turn, days pass
His belly shall be full
And when they’re done fighting
He will continue on
Another day coming
Another feast prepared
Humans are the best food
Their meat is always rich
And why should they now stop?
The Raven’s belly’s full.

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