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Love's Own Time

by Angelicatt

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A promise of eternal love


Life moves so slowly when you are near
It makes no sense since my heart
Feels like it's running a race that will never end

I hold the blue moon in my hand
Wishing it would take away my pain and insecurity
It doesn't but I keep it because of you
Keeping it near my own helps calm me
Just like when you are close

I made a promise to you and myself
To always be your friend
But I don't even know what that means anymore
I can barely look you in the eyes without wanting more
Of anything and everything
Your smile, your warmth, your touch

So I hold the blue moon again
Praying for my heart to slow
I do not want to let you down
Don't want to lose what I have
No matter what it is

As I sit and wonder how all this began
It seems like no matter what I do
I can never be away from you
My heart and love like the days
Move to it's own rhythm in time

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