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Fearless Red

by xSaiyanGirlx

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DO NOT READ IF YOU CANT HANDLE READING A HORRIFYING TRAGEDY!! Story of the first chapter: Kashita Nakei is 7 years old at the time when her village is being brutally attacked by demons. Kashita is tragically watching everyone's death while the demons attack without being scene... of corse she survives but with a curse that will haunt her the rest of her life.. THIS IS ABOUT KASHITA'S TRAGIC PAST AND IS 14 IN THE PRESENT BUT WILL BE IN THE NEXT CHAPTER! THE CONTENT MAYBE HORRIFYING BUT SHOULD BE ABLE TO READ BY PEOPLE THAT CAN HANDLE IT!! THE CONTINUATION OF THE SERIES WILL NOT BE THIS TRAGIC!



  As those demonic creatures appear through the darkest night, I can feel my youth coming to an end. Our peaceful villagers are being brutally murdered by all assuming its demons that are too quick to even be scene. Our men aren't even strong enough to take them on and were most likely the first ones to get killed.


 My mother had rushed me into the basement and said I would be safe and went to look for my father. I did not plea for her to stay because even though I was frighten as hell to be alone at a time like this, I too wanted to know if Daddy was still alive. So here I am, so traumatized by I can't even move. 


All I hear is the chaos of others outside fearing for their lives. Dam, i really wish my brother was here, but who knows? If he was still hear he probably would have died. I suddenly here a familiar scream outside. I instinctifully run outside the basement and our the house. I did not think of me being slayed to death.        


"NOOO!!!" I get knocked to the ground by some person. I then realize it is my Aunt Usagi cradling me in protection on the ground.                           "Kashita! What are you doing out here?! Your suppose to be hiding in your basement like all the other children." She says quietly in panic while hiding in the bushes just beside my house.                                        


"But Aunt Usagi, I thought I heard my mom scream!"


The village gets quieter as less demons attack and more humans are dying. I can see a few houses caught on fire quickly spreading. It seems the children hiding in the basement will die as well.


I hear the horrifying scream again and seems close by. Aunt Usagi covers my mouth to shut me up. I can see my mother's half tied up black hair and pale face with sweat through the bushes.


Nothing has happen yet but she has this terrifying look on her face because something is moving really fast, it can't even be seen especially in the darkness. Then out of nowhere all i see is my mother's blood splatting from her stomach. My mother's face frozen at a state of shock. Then another slashing on the face and all i see is red. My Aunt quickly covers my eyes and holds me in fear.


I am too frightened to talk or move either. I feel like my tears are frozen and my small body is so numb, it starting to shake like tourettes or something.


"Shhh...calm down, Kashita" She whispers as she tries to stop my shaking. How is it possible that I'm even still alive? They could be watching us right now. Its not possible to hide from them! The intensity of fires burning our village is beginning to come closer and I can smell the smoke coming right from my house!


My aunty grabs me and runs as fast as she can and i have no idea where we are going. I can hear the panicking and screaming from a few as we past houses still close by as we crawl through the darkness. Then we hear less and less screams.


Why havent they killed us yet!!? They've got to know we're running. I want to die!! Everyone is dead!! I want to be with my mommy!! So I struggle out of my aunty's hold of me and force us on the ground. I get up run away from aunty who can't get up.


"Kashitaaaa!!!!" She yells with little breath from exsaustion. But I run to the wide opening center of the village, where i could hear no screams anymore and the smoke from the flames was so thick, I would die in an instant if i had asthma or something, but it became very difficult. I can see the many dead bodies of men all over this place.


"Come out, you demons and kill me already!!!" I cried as loud I could. I couldnt take it anymore. I wanted to be slayed this instant and not on the breath of death.


"Kill me!!..kill me..kill me now!!!" I plea in desperation and drop down to my knees. I cry and cry until I see a shiny object three feet away from me.


I slowly crawl to it and it appears to be glass used as a blade, covered in blood. I angrily pick up the glass and stand up. Just as I was about to stab myself with it, something came in the fastest motion and took it away.


I fall to the ground and see death right before my eyes, but it had not attack me. I see the demonic creature stand before me. It appears to be in the form of a human disguised as a ninja with no weapons but the bloody blade.


I see that his face appears to have black scars that have some kind of symbolic meaning. He gives me a disgusted smile with his fierce red eyes, three feet away from me. With the fire burning in the background this looks really scary.


"Huh..a girl your age is seriously going to kill herself?" he says in a sinister voice.


"Of corse I want to die! If you won't do it then I will!!!" I cried so weak in breath.


"Hmm.... lets see what your father has to say about this.." "Daddy..No!!" Out of nowhere my father comes like a flying object and the ninja demon catches my dad like he were a baseball. I see my father wrapped in heavy chains and the demon brings him to a choke hold. "Daddy!!.. I cry so hard. The look at my father's face is giving me a signal to tell me to get out of here or something.. but what could I possibly do!?


"You shall witness your father's death!!" I cry and the demon chokeholds the chains so hard it..it..its going to...NO!!! I cover my eyes so much. I can't take it anymore!! Why are they doing this!!?! I look back up and see that their are only the chains covered in blood all on the ground.


I can't believe he just choked my daddy to death and now there's no body. "Why!?!..why are you doing this!! Can't you just kill me like everyone else?" I cry so hard.


"Yeah.. right. I would never kill someone who is willing to die... and I think you were the only one yet so far... surprisingly.. dam.. humans are so dumb now days!.. see.. aren't you happy? Your the only human I think that isn't so dam stupid!"


He gave me that smile again. How could he say that!! Dam it!! Just kill me! My face was so stunned.


"How did you even know that was my father you killed?" I stuttered and cried.


"Because he looks just like you.. dam.. I think I killed your mother too but I don't recall because i didn't see any women that looked..hmm.. I know that women was your aunty.. You know, I first scene you and your aunt hiding in the bushes..I was going to attack but then I wanted to see how far your aunt would go when she was running.. turns out, you were the one to not go very far"


He said so dam casually like it was a normal conversation!!

"What!!?!..Aunt Usagi is..

 "Oh..yeah..she's right there" he points at a house to the left right next us. Aunt Usagi was right there the whole time and I didnt notice.

I can see the body but I can't tell if she's bleeding because I feel like there's blood everywhere! I don't even want to look at her. I'm sick of all these deaths!

"Dam..your taking these deaths pretty well for your age.. I mean.. dam.. most little girls would be screaming their ass off with these many people dying!" Uhhhhh!!...I look at him with the most terrified face I have.


"Do you see me?.. do u see me?!!" I repeated.                                           "I am so dam terrified!!" I come up to him and looked him straight in the face showing no fear. I am terrified by the dam deaths but I am not afraid of him because I want to die!! He gives me a disgusted look and disappears in the darkness.  


"You might be terrified but you are not afraid!" His voice is being herd but can not be seen.

"Why does it matter? What? You can kill everyone in an instant but you can't kill me?"

"Huhh.. like I said. I do not kill the willing and you are obviously willing. This kind of reminds me of... me.."

"I am not like you!!!" I cry

"Well then maybe you should suffer like I had to!!" he said with final demand The smoke seems to be getting stronger or something. So he is finally going to kill me now?

I was waiting for me to die but the smoke around me is starting to turn a reddish color. AHH!!.. my eyes are burning like hell..

"AHHH!!.." I scream of this pain. I feel like the fire just reached my eyes and is blinding me to death. I know i can't die of burning eyesight.. or can I? I don't know but I hope so.
















It should be noted that I will never walk for three days again. I've been gone for over three weeks of training in martial arts at the dojo in the small town of Shigai. It is so hot on this early summer morning. I did not think my bike was going to get stolen while I was there! Although, I do want to go back for more training, I may have to bug mom for a new bike. Never in my fifteen years have I been so exhausted. As I approach Shuuraku,which is up in the green hills far from any other town. I see that the first house is fully burnt down. "What the.." as I run to the house.

Suddenly, I trip and fall. I look to see the body of a dead man covered in blood. I recognized Sensei Hiroshi. "What the.." my former teacher is dead!! I run closer to town.

"Ahh..hello!?..is anyone out there!" I scream as I can hear no sound. Now Im starting to see more and more dead bodies and the whole town is covered in red on the ground. Every house I see in site is burnt down to its fullest and looks like an abandoned ghost town. I start freaking out.

"What' going on.. what the hell happened?" Then I realize. Mom. Dad. Kashita!! I run to our house but it is burnt down like the rest of them. I drop to ground.

Angry and traumatized as hell. I look to the corner of my left to see another body, but this is all to familiar. I fearfully walk to the body.

"Mother..." I say as I cry "is that...is that you?".. What I see is so horrifying, i start to loose consciousness. My mother's hair tangled around her face covered in all blood all i can barely tell her hair is black. Red all over her body.

"What... what happen to you, mom?" I cry, standing before her. "What happen?.. why did they do this.. who did this.. everyone here..what happen!!!? MOTHER!!!" I cry as loud as I can.

"Uhhh... why did this happen?!!!" "Is everyone here dead!!..hello!!" Its just a quiet ghost town now. I walk away from mother. I don't even want to say goodbye. I never even had the chance to anyway. What the.. I see another familiar body lying in the center of the village. I run to it. There is another body covered in blood. Aunt Usagi! And as I get closer I see...

"Kashita!!" she discovered in blood but I can see her breathing delicate intakes.

"Kashita!!... my little sister!.. wake up and tell me your alive!!" Her back and her short black hair i can only see lying down. I can hear sobbing.

"K...Ko..Komesu?!.." In the voice with little breath. "Yes!..Kashita.. its me..ha uhh..O...o my god!..your alive!" I start to cry and realize that my little sister is dying.

"Hello!!..is anyone out there!?!" But its nothing but the dead bodies that scatter the town. Dam it. I don't want my little sister to die!! She's only 7..i don't want this to happen!! "Ko..Komesu..I ..i... not going to die..if thats what you are thinking.."

She says, but her breathing says it all. She still hasn't faced me so I can't see if she's actually hurt. "Uhh..Kashita..let me see if your hurt"

"No..you can't!" She covers her eyes with her hands.

"But..Kashita" She turns around and stands up but does not let her hands off covering her eyes. Seems like nothing is wrong with her but she keeps holding her eyes! "Hey..Kashita..whats wrong with your eyes!?"

"I don't know..I..I can't..I don't wanna open it!!.."

"Huuh..Kashita…what the hell happened here?" I say as examine the entire village. "Umm..uhh... demons...lots of them. Unscene. Except for one. Last night." She stutters as she says it each in sentence.

"What?!! were they in the form of ninjas?" I did not think the legends were true about certain demonic ninjas having a strong revulsion against humans but i did not get the full story on it.

"Yeah..uh..how did you know?" my sister asked in the most nonchalance. Her back still facing me while standing.

"Lets just say I herd stories about it" "Umm..Komesu.. umm.. dad is also..umm..uhh..

" Dam u demon ninja.. how could you do that right there!!!!.." She screams and cries I look at my sister and see she has let her hands away. She appears to have a black scar on the left side of her face close to her eyes and her eyes. They are red! Like actually red! Kashita has panicked look and covers her face.

"Dam it, Komesu... why did this have to happen?!.. why.. why!!..it just isn't fair!!" My sister cries. "Kashita, what did they do to you!!?" I take my sisters face in my hands. Her irises are as red like the blood scattered around here.

"I..I...I don't know..Komesu.. all I know is that I don't wanna live!! Everyone is gone, Komesu.. gone!!.. everything in Shuuraku..

" My sister cries. "uhh.. Kashita!!" I grab my sister. " No.. you and I are still alive. We can get through this.. I can't imagine how hard it must have been on you.. but we'll work it out.... Mom and Dad.. u think they'd want us dead..Of corse not!! "

"Where are we gonna go, Komesu?" "We're going to Shigai"...







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