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Don't Jump

by KaraKaidoh

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Kind of a dark poem i wrote back in 7th grade.

Don't Jump

upon a rooftop all alone,
I listen to my heart's sad tone.
I sit and think of you and me,
and how good everything used to be.

I remember how you lied to me,
and said how perfect it would be.
I really did love you,
how was I to know it was not true.

Slowly I walk to the building's side,
with only on thing on my mind.
I stand upon the buliding's ledge,
and peer over it's steep edge.

Only one word played in my head,
and very soon the world would be dead.
That's when I hear footsteps from behind,
and felt those hands both strong and kind.

I turned to the man I once cared so much for,
then the rain begun to pour.
He told me he was sorry and he had once request,
I nodded and buried my face in his chest.

He raised my chin and looked into my eyes,
that's when I begun to cry.
I looked at him,
and my heart begun to thump,
he smiled and said I love you,
please don't jump.

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