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The Shadows

by NegativeZero

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Some people get scared in a thunderstorm... sometimes you just need someone to be there to comfort you.

Shadows in a thunderstorm,
Cast a picture on the wall,
I swore that I could hear your voice,
Echo through the hall,
No power left within the house,
So its dark and I cannot see,
But the shadows cast in the thunderstorm,
Resemble you and me,
As I start to walk and wonder,
A shadow caught my eye,
But there was no one in the room,
So I ran and tried to hide,
Cuddled in an open corner,
I stared looking at the door,
Slowly the shadow crept ryte in,
And crawled to me from the floor,
A flash of light and then a sound,
Of screamin filled mai ear,
And the shadow I was running from,
Was you soaked in tears,
You were afraid as I was,
And in your eyes I began to see,
That the shadows cast upon the walls,
Showed that you needed me.

© 2004 TimZ

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