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[no title]

by soldmysoulagain

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A story I actually needed to do for language arts, not done yet of course, but it's getting there. A monomyth actually.


               “This child is a heathen! We no longer want him!” The plump lady screamed at the orphan matron. She as referring to a young Synth Ryche. The orphan matron sighed and looked at Synth, that child was from the underworld, she was sure of it. This month alone, Synth had gone through over fourteen foster homes, and he was only thirteen! She’d lost count of how many foster parents had taken him in just to come back the very next week and give him back to the orphanage. Not even the other children at the orphanage liked him! She was giving up, no one liked this oddball, with his pale skin, dark hair and mismatched eyes, she was going to let him into the world, because she sure as hell wasn’t going to keep him here for another five years. So after she got done sucking up to the fat lady, she approached Synth.
                “Synth, we’re kicking you out,” she said, simple as that.
                “Whatever.” He said, seemingly indifferent about it as he grabbed his bag and walked out of the orphanage. A single tear fell down his cheek, and more threatened to fall. He walked and walked, not entirely sure where he was going to. When he finally stopped walking he found himself in an old park. Once, he recalls, the orphanage had brought him and the other children there. That was close to ten years ago and even then, every other kid disliked or hated him. He sighed and sat down, pulling his knees to his chest, folded his arms across his knees, buried his face in his arms and cried. They disowned him on his fourteenth birthday. He wasn’t sure why this bothered him so much, he hadn’t so much as blinked when they completely forgot his birthday years past. A sudden noise caused him to jump. He wiped the tears and sniffed his nose before looking up. His eyes were met with a vibrant pair of emerald green ones, belonging to a girl of maybe ten.
                “Aah! What—What are you doing here?!” Synth yelled.
                “Why were you crying mister?”
                “First off my name is Synth, second it’s—“
                “None of my business, right? Yea, yea I know, but you need help and you know it, you’re just too scared to admit it,”
                “No I—“ Synth sighed, “I do, you’re right. But who in their right mind would help a freak like me?”
                “I would,” said a soft, almost seductive female voice, “and so would my adopted daughter,” she motioned to the green eyed girl.
                “Why?” Synth wondered aloud, curiosity shining in his eyes as he looked back and forth between the two girls.
                “Why not? You’re just as much human as every other guy who gets help, just because you look different doesn’t make you any less human.” The older girl said, staring straight into his charcoal great, and ice blue eyes. Synth was amazed by this girl, he didn’t think anyone else saw people that way. He found he finally has encountered someone he didn’t want to kill.
                “You can come live with us, we can easily support you,”
                “Thanks… But are you really sure you want me to live with you? I mean everyone else who took me in got rid of me,”
                “Because you wanted them to. Now,” she extended a pale hand to help him up, “happy birthday, your gift is a home that will never disown you,”
                Synth was amazed. Somehow, she knew that it was his birthday, and with a rarely seen perfect smile he accepted her hand.
                His new home wasn’t far from the park, a good thing, he thought. Upon arrival he met the other inhabitant of the house, a boy his age by the name of Rin. Automatically he became fond of him.
                Months pass and the group of them are closer than ever. The girls, he learned went by the names of Keilyth, the one with emerald eyes, and Minerva, the mother. Minerva had a strong resemblance to Athena he found, and also like Athena she was brilliant. But Rin, he found, was his favorite person. When he first met Rin he had been wearing a dark blue miniskirt, a white polo shirt with a dark blue tie and black dress shoes. The blue both brought out his navy eyes and contradicted his burnt red hair. Blush had played at Rin’s cheeks when he saw Synth, and Synth found that adorable. Ever since that day, Rin and Synth had been best friends.
                Today's date was June 19th, it was Rin's birthday, and as a present Synth, more commonly referred to as Syn now, was taking him out for a picnic of sorts; a date if you will. Synth waited impatiently outside the ebony door to Rin's room, a wad of rolled up papers in one hand, and some car keys in the other. If nothing else was learned while he was still at the orphanage, he had learned how to drive. After a while Rin emerged from the room, wearing a knee-length dark red skirt with the appearence of leather, and a white polo, a red tie adorning the polo. Synth noticed Rin's legs were hairless.
               "Hmmm... I like, but why do I get the feeling your just trying to woo me here Rinny?"
               "Because it's highly possible that I am Syn-love"
               "Love?" That was a first, it made Syn smile, "I am now Syn-love, yey! Now does that mean I can call you my lover boy Rinny?" A smile played on Syn's lips, and he cuddled up closely to Rin. Rin just smiled and wrapped his arms around Syn.
               "I suppose you could, but then you know, we'd be going out," Rin smiled down at Syn, who only went up to his chin.
               "Who said that's not what I want?" Syn asked, his eyes large as they stared up at Rin.
               "Okay lovebirds, out of the house with you, chop chop," Minerva said, laughing. Obeying Minerva the two of them set foot outdoors and climbed into the hot pink Jeep.
               "Do I get to know where we'regoing?" Rin asked, looing over to Syn.
               "Nope, In fact--" Syn reached behind Rin and pulled out a blindfold, "You don't even get to see where we're going," He pulled the blindfold over Rin's ees and smield at how succeptable he looked. Taking advantage of the current situation, Syn leaned over and pressed his lips to Rin's. Unsurprisingly Rin returned the kiss and ended up slipping his tongue into Synth's mouth. Reluctantly Synth pulled away from the kiss, Rin's finger-tips drug softly against Syn's jaw-line, the blush glowing on Rin's cheeks made Syn smile.
              "Was that my present?" Rin asked, his voice abnormally soft.
              "Not quite my Rinny," Synth smiled, his hand finding Rin's, then stated the car and started driving to their destination.
               Almost half an hour later they arrived at the graveyard, at this time the sun was beginning to fall towards the horizon. Synth got out of the car and pulled Rin out, guiding him into the graveyard and up onto the hill. Synth found himself amazed at how trusting Rin was of him, not once did he seem frightened that he was going to run into something, nor did he question Syn as to if he was going to run into anything. Once they reached the large oak tree at the top of the graveyard's hill, Synth removed the blindfold from over Rin's navy eyes. Syn couldn't help but to smile as a gasp of amazement slipped through Rin's lips.
                "How's this for a birthday present?" Syn asked, admiring the golden sunset's light as it cascaded over Rin.
                "It's....the best. Oh and Syn..."
                "I think..." Rin's voice trailed off.
                "You think what Rinny?"
                "I think, that...well...I think I love you," Once more Rin's cheeks lit up with red, and a broad smile spread over Syn's face.
                "I...I love you too Rin," Syn said as he wrapped him arms around Rin, his smile growing broader yet as he felt Rin's chin on the top of his head and he arms wrap around him.
                "Whats this?! My child loving another!" boomed a deep voice, making both Rin and Syn jump.
                "Synth! You were meant for destruction not love! Now you shall feel pain!" The voice yelled and before Synth knew it, his Rin was on the ground, clutching his head in agony. Synth went to help him, even as he felt a pain that was only comparable to flames licking at his shoulder blades. The pain was so intense that he began to see spots. Through the spots he saw Rin's body fall limp, his face still contorted in pain. Syn dropped to his knees, laying his head on Rin's chest, tears obscuring what vision he had left.
               "Rin...no...please, don't die on e, please. I love you," he sobbed before collapsing overtop Rin.
               Syn awoke to being about ten feet over the ground, Rin's arm wrapped around him and his other hand stroking his hair.
               "Rin, are you ok? Are we dead?" Syn asked.
               "Yes Syn-love, I'm fine. I don't think we're dead, not with how people are staring at us down there, " Syn looked down, only now aware of the crowd of people below them. As he moved his head back toward Rin he noticed a tip of a charcoal grey feather. He went to grab it, just to discover it was attached, he had wings!
               "I think I understand their staring, though I still don't like it," Syn said, uneasy with all the stares.
               "Yea, I suggest we go, they're all thinking of stoning us,"
               "You don't know that for sure,"
               "I don't know, they're screaming it aloud everytime I look at one,"
               "But they're dead silent Rin, did you bonk your head?"
               "No. Syn you're thinking of how magnificent you thoguht I looked before the voice, using the exact words, 'God it's amazing how easy he can woo me' right?"
               "How'd you know that?!" Synth was now turning red.
               "I heard it loud and clear when I focused on you,"
               "It's like you were reading my thoughts! Hey, maybe that's what you're doing with teh people down there!" No sooner did he finish saying that and a stone hit his wing, cutting it slightly.
               "Owwie! Let's go Rin, before they miss me and hit you,"
               "I was thinking more before they hurt you worse but either way works," Synth began to fly way, Rin floating by his side when the rocks started to practically rain down over them, sending them downwards. Syn clung desperately to Rin, his wings wrapped around both of them, tears stinging in his eyes and one thought ringing through his mind as the ground grew ever nearer, 'I wanna be home'.
               Synth gasped in shock when he felt his feet on solid ground, he let his wings fold behind him and found both him and Rin in the middle of Rin's room. A confused look showed on both of their faces.
               "Umm...Syn, how did we just go fro free-falling, about to go splat all over the ground to safe and secure in my room?"
              "I'm not sure, all I know is the place I wanted desperately to be as we fell, was here, then poof! Next thing I know we were here,"
              "Call me crazy, but I think you can teleport, and fly of course,"
              "Yea, and you can read minds, literally," Rin and Syn both floped onto Rin's bed, mildly confused, sore and tired. Within minutes they were passed out in eachother's arms.
              A nudging woke Syn, he fluttered his eyes open, noticing Minerva staring calmly at him with her violet eyes.
              "Your wounds will become infected if we don't clean them soon Syn," she said softly, not wishing to wake Rin.
              "Should yes, but," he motioned to his right wing, which Rin lay over, "I'm not waking him. He was in such pain, I was scared."
              "I wouldn't know, I wasn't there. But judging by the fear and concern in your eyes when you two got here, it was pretty bad. I was worried that you were going to kill someone, and nothing hit him, them wanting to hurt him made you ready to kill."
              "As scary as itis, that's true. The simple thought of him being hurt had me poised to kill everyone and anyone who dared to even think abour hurting my Rin."
              "Your such a sweetheart Syn-love. Now get your wounds cleaned up, you can't be my guardian angel if your injured," Rin said. Syn with-held no resistance to Rin, and almost instantly obeyed.  Rin ran his hand over Syn's as Minerva applied disinfectant. While Syn clenched his teeth in pain, a thunderous known echoed through the house.
              "I'll get it momma, you keep fixxin' up Uncle Syn!" Keilyth yelled.
              "Kk honey-bunny, let me know who it is,"
              "Uh-- Momma? You should probably get this one..."
              "Okay baby," she yelled, then looked at the boys.
              "You take care of the door Min, I'll rub up Syn's wings,"
              "Thanks Rin!" she said before running down the stairs. When she got to the doorway Keilyth was crying and an envelope lay on the doorstep. Quickly Minerva gathered Keilyth in her amrs, grabbed teh envelope and shut teh door then bolted up the stairs and into Rin's room.
             "Syn, this if for you," she said, thrusting the envelope towards him, "and I have something to explain to both of you," Syn and Rin both nodded, and Syn grabbed the envelope, setting it on his lap for now.
             "So this may sound crazy but trust me. I'm an assistant of the Gods, Syn, you're the son of Hades. And when Rin was in pain at the graveyard, that was Hades, and it was meant to kill him, not give him telekinesis, but your Rin is a strong one. Chances are he'll go after Rin again, Hades is also probably also going to try and overtake Olympus again. I'm sorry to say this but you and Rin are probably the only ones who can stop him. Hopefully you guys will have some training with your powers before Hades decides to start up again," she sucked in a breath.
             "And somehow none of us think you're crazy," Rin said, smiling slightly.
             "Well, what are you waiting for?" Syn asked.
             "For one, you to read the letter, and another for me to hear word from Zeus,"
             "Okay, let's see what this envelope holds," Syn said as he opened the envelope. The letter read:
             Synth Ryche,
                       You are a failure in my eyes, you are a dissapointment of a son. I bade you to not come after me or your cross-dressing, gay lover-boy WILL come to harm. I will not hesitate to kill him.
                                                                                  See you soon,
            A small tear fell from Syn's eye and rolled down his cheek, as he looked at Rin.
            "What's wrong lover?" Rin asked, and all Syn could do is cry into Rin's chest as he handed him the letter.
            "Oh my," Rin says as he strokes Syn's hair and hands Minerva the letter. Rin looked down at Syn who gazes up at him. His grey eye seemed to shine more than his ice blue eye. He brought Syn up into his lap and held him there, feeling every sob that shudders through Syn's body.
            "This isn't good, but you can't let Hades take over, and you can't have only one of you fighting," Minerva said.
            "Then we'll fight together, side by side. I can handle Hades, I did once already. And I'll do it time and time again if it means my Syn shall remain safe and happy," Rin said.
            "If you die though, not only will it become physically impossible for me to be happy, but that would also mean that I'd be right behind you in death," Syn said, his voice small and pathetic.

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