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Fallin' Angels

by rmr34

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I'm going to be a drummer in a band! But, it's an all-male band. How can I join if I am a female? *note: I'm no professional writer, so will have a lot of errors, too short, too fast, etc, etc,etc. 15+

Chapter 1, Prologue

Fallin' Angels
Ruth Minamino


"Yes. We are looking for a temporary replacement of our drummer. Erick will be leaving temporary for personal reasons." Alexis Angel's beautiful voice said on the T.V. . I clenched my pillow, as I watched four beautiful guys, of the band, Fallin' Angels.  And they were all brothers.
"And can you tell us the reason?" The reporter asked. 

Alexis, clip Erick's shoulder, and pulled him near, "Like I said, it's personal business. Erick will be back, hopefully sooner than later.". 
The camera turned to the reporter, "You heard it folks, the band Fallin' Angels, are looking for a replacement drummer while Erick Angel tends to personal business. So, drummers, get your drum sticks and tryout in three weeks on Friday at-" 

I turned off the T.V. and looked at the magazine laying next to me. Alexis pictures was on the pages, along with the other members. I turned the page, and read the announcement for the tryouts.
I heard my little brother and his band practice in the basement.
I looked at Alexis face on the magazine. I sighed, and run my finger over his picture. 'Alexis.' I thought as I imagined myself and him kissing. 

Then a thought came to me. 'I could be with him if I was the drummer. At least until Erick comes back, and who knows how long. Alexis might fall in love with me!' I picked up the magazine, 'But, I don't really know how to play the drums' I thought. I bite my nails, then  "Of Course!" I said, as I went downstairs and to the basement. My brother, Thomas, was slamming on his drums as his band plays. They were practicing for an upcoming gig.
I waited until they finished.
"Hey, Tawny." The guitarist, Mick flirted, "How about we go out this Friday?" He asked, as he put his arm around my shoulders.
"Not if you were the last man on this earth." I said as I removed his arm.
Thomas laughed, and asked "What is it, Sis?". He put his sticks away, and walked over.
"I want you to teach me drums." I said.
He lost his smile, "What for?"
"This!" I handed him the mag and showed him about the tryouts.
"You're kidding, Tawny. You can't possibility learn drums in three weeks! And you can't tryout, anyway!".
"Why can't I?" I asked.
He laughs, and pointed to the fine print, "You have to be male, sis. Fallin' Angels are an all-male band. A girl in it will mess it up.".
I looked at it. "Damn." I groan.  
"Mom would kill you if she heard you cussing. " Thomas said.
"Too bad she is always at work. And I'm old enough to say what I want! I have to go to the tryouts. Please teach me, Tom, please!" I begged.
He sighed, "Alright, but I doubt it you will make it in, Tawny. They will turn you away when they see you are a girl.".
'Not if I am a male.' I thought, then grinned, "I will make it, bro." 'And I will be close to Alexis.'
Mick laughed, "I bet you just want to get in cause you like Alexis."
"Damn straight!" I said, then asked "When can you start teaching me?".
Thomas sighed, and looked at the clock, "We can start now if you want.".
"Then, let's get busy!" I said walking to the drums.
"I always dreamed you would say that, but not to your brother." Mick said, packing up his guitar.
"By the way, sis." Thomas asked, "How are you going to get into the tryouts? You are a girl.".
I smiled, grabbing his drum sticks, "I'll just become a boy.".
"What have I gotten myself into." Thomas shook his head.
"Trouble." Mick said.
"It's going to be a rough three weeks." Thomas said as I banged terribly on the drums.

And it was a rough three weeks..

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