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Miss You

by ConfusedMind

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The story of a story being destoried

                           Miss You


It is another such night

When the pitch-dark sky

Wears the ornament of a million stars,

Each of which seems to be lonely,

As lonely as me.


The soft breeze hits my face

And reminds me of the fragrance of your breath,

May be trying to convey those untold words of yours -

Sweeter than those you uttered.


I know not where you are.

Doesn’t night fall there too?

Don’t the gusts of rain-drenched winds

Fill your heart with the pain of our departing kiss?


The dew drops on the grass tops –

Tears that I can neither shed nor swallow.

The cool of the night reminds me

Of the warmth of your embrace.

Your eyes – darker than the depression

Of the moonless night,

More intoxicating than the strongest wine,

More trapping than the spider-web

That entangles its victim with the least effort.


The crescent moon,

Vague behind the cloudlets,

Reminds me of your smile

That has stayed in my heart

Long after it disappeared,

As hope lingers

In the heart of the defeated soldier

Even ages after the battle is lost. 


Human heart is often defeated but never destroyed.

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