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I'm your Ghost

by thedarkestrealms

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After the death of her husband, a young woman is all of a sudden taking life for granted. Unaware that her husbands ghost is still trying to get the message across that he is still here with her.


She looks so sad, she always looks like she has no care for herself, or for those around her. Ever since I was buried two years ago she has never been the same. She has gone from tidy to messy, from caring to not even giving a crap! Never pays her bills on time, sits their drinking her life away whilst staring at the wall, and not for a few hours, all day.

She knows her life is going to waste, so why does she sit there with not a care in the world, feeling like the world owes her something?

“Two years, two years!” I yell. But she doesn’t here me, nor does she move or blink. I know I’m dead, but sometimes I wish she would just wake up to herself and see that life is worth living!

Everyday she cry’s at a certain time, it’s the same routine over and over again.She knows she is being haunted, but for a damn good reason.

“Your not to blame!” I yell again. Now very close to her, staring deep into her dark blue eyes and less then a centimetre away from her nose.

I breath and she blinks, and a soft smooth tear falls from her eyes.

“Sam?” She whispered.

“Yes Sally, its me Sam.” I replied.

I know she can’t here me, but I like to think she can. Still staring deep into her eyes.

“Yes Sally, finally.” I whispered.

It was like we were finally connecting in a way. Her eyes lit up like everything was okay again.

“You’re my?” She stopped.

I took a deep breath. 

And finished for her... 

“I’m your ghost.”

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