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Standing Still

by NegativeZero

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It is this moment in time where our love remains still...

"It is this moment in time where our love remains still. I have given you this rose created from all the love in mai heart. All I ask is will you be mai Valentine? Time thought it could wear down mai love for you but it has stayed the same ever since I first saw you and now on this Valentine's Day mai love for you has grown even more. Gurl I just wanna be close to you and show you what mai heart has been wanting to say for a long time... its something that I can't say in words. In your eyes I see why I was put here on earth... I was put here to love one of God's beautiful Angels. When Im holding you it feels like time is standing still and the world goes on but you and stay behind to catch what the rest of the world is missing... our love... yours and mine...forever....."
© 2003 TimZ

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