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shy sky lovers

by tainted shadow

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this came out of no where... but its cute, so read it!

Shy sky lovers

I took a moment
To smile at you
Laughing at the wind
It made me look
The way you do
When you think you didn't win

You always seem to ketch my breath
When your smiling at the sky
It makes me think
That we can be
Together in our eyes

I know this feeling deep inside
I feel it every day
And you should know
This feeling too
Because I am here today

I hope one day
We'll break the ice
And take a dive within

To brace the water
Warm and true
So we can breath again

I know you love the way it feels
To laugh at all the clouds
I know because
You look at me
And tell me their all bound

Bound to the sky so true
Like we should be tonight
So you can see the way it feels
To float within the clouds

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