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Merry Christmas

by MissJenRose

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Written 2 years ago, my first Tsubasa Chronicle fanfic. After leaving Outo/Edonis, the group finds themselves in a world where a winter holiday is underway. Drinking and "presents" ensue.

…This was a bad idea.

After Mokona had been forced to transport them out of Edonis they had landed in a world that was as cold and snowy as Jade, but with the technology of Hanshin. The Sorata and Arashi of this world had found them and took them in, just like when they had started this journey.

How the hell did I let him talk me into this?

Apparently, they had arrived when one of this world’s biggest yearly holidays was underway. Sorata had told them that it was called “Christmas”, a time of joy and cheer, when friends and family got together to give presents to each other in a way of showing they cared. Fai had gotten a sad, wistful smile at the explanation, something Kurogane hadn’t failed to miss.

“It’s not alcohol!” My ass…

Sakura had seemed so happy at the idea and had asked if it was possible to search for the feather and enjoy the festivities, and of course Syaoran had said that they could, if she wanted to. Which had lead them to splitting up into two groups the next day (The Kid, the Princess and the Meat bun in one, and Kurogane with the Mage in another) and spending hours of admiring trees, decorations and potential gifts. Kurogane had been about to bring up the subject of that sad smile, but Fai had been one step ahead, irritating him by chatting away about any random thing they passed (“Oh! Look at those lights, Kuro-sama!” “Isn’t this pretty, Kuro-bun?” “Hyuu~! Don’t you think that’s a huge tree, Kuro-pii?”) until finally, he had decided to just try his luck on the subject later, when there weren’t so many distractions for the idiot to hide behind.

I swear, if he starts to make that damn cat noise…

When at last Kurogane had reached his limit and had been mere moments away from strangling the moron, Fai had bought something he called “eggnog” and several bottles of some liquid that when asked, he had just grinned and said it was a surprise. After they had gotten back to the apartment Sorata and Arashi owned and were allowing the five of them to stay in, Fai had made a beeline for the kitchen with his bottles and “eggnog” in tow while Kurogane went to their shared bedroom to read the mangayan he had bought earlier in the day.

Eventually, Fai had come into the room, carrying a tray with one of the bottles and glasses filled with something Kurogane didn’t recognize on it. He’d grinned that stupid fake grin and had set one of the glasses down in front of the ninja.

“Drink up Kuro-rin, it’s good!”

Kurogane had simply stared at it as if it had insulted him.

Sighing, Fai had picked up the glass and drank half of it down in one go, before setting it back down. “There, see? It’s good!”

Hesitantly, Kurogane picked it up, taking a sip. And promptly spat it out.

“Kuro-tin! Here, this’ll get the taste out,” Fai handed him the bottle and laughed lightly, “I thought Kuro-mii would like it, but I guess not, huh?”

The liquid in the bottle at least smelled like alcohol, and liquor – any kind of liquor – would be better than that stuff in the glass.


Several hours and many bottles later lead them to where they were now – Fai, drunk and Kurogane, at least a little tipsy. The ninja had never gotten this drunk this fast, so he was currently glaring at the meowing blonde, wondering what, exactly, had been in those bottles.

Minutes passed that way, until the mage suddenly quieted and crawled over to the ninja, saying that he “had a present for Kuro-mii.”

Curious, especially since the idiot had only come in with the tray, Kurogane let him move closer, cautious of what this present could possibly be.

He had not, though, been expecting the blonde to suddenly lean in and kiss him on the lips. Although it (and many other things) was something he had thought about doing to the mage more than once, it was still very unexpected.

Unfortunately, Fai pulled back before Kurogane had the chance to do much, smiling away. “Merry Christmas, Kuro-sama.”

Then he passed out in Kurogane’s arms before he had the chance to yell at the dumbass. Sighing, he stood and dumped the blonde onto his bed, almost wishing that he’d wake up with a killer hangover. “Merry Christmas, moron.”

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