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The Thought Doesn't Always...

by MissJenRose

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Fai thinks it's the thought that counts when it comes to presents, but Kurogane disagrees.

It was a peaceful day; the snow was gently falling from the sky, children were laughing an—


…And one very angry gym teacher was running through the halls of Horitsuba Gakuen, his only thought being how he was going to strangle that dumbass when he finally found him.


On the other side of the building, a sneeze suddenly broke the silence in the chemistry teacher’s office, followed by a sniffle and a small laugh from said teacher, “A cold? Or is someone talking about me~?”

Laughing lightly, Fai continued to check off names on his “Christmas Gift List”. The reason for it was because he had gotten gifts for all of his co-workers and students, and he was currently marking off the names of those he had already given their presents to. It made him feel a bit like Santa Claus, but he actually didn’t mind.

Shortly after crossing out a certain brunette’s name, the door slammed open and the man himself stood in the entrance, glaring and panting slightly from the run.

“Hyuu~! Kuro-wan-sensei must really like his walks if he’s been going on them so much he’s panting!” Fai grinned at the other. He had a fairly good idea of why Kuro-wan was there, but it would be so much more fun to feign ignorance.

I’M NOT A DOG, DAMMIT!!” Kuro-wa-- err, Kurogane shouted, stalking into the room. He pulled a flat box out of his pocket and waved it a little as he ‘spoke’, “What the hell is this?!”

“It’s my Christmas present to you, Kuro-rin-sensei! Don’t you like it?” A cheerful tone, an innocent smile. The chemist stood up and slowly started walking towards the man.

…Who failed to notice, so caught up in his anger and embarrassment over the gift, “No! It’s a--!”

“It’s a thong!” Fai cried happily, managing to pull the box from Kurogane’s grip and open it, revealing that it was indeed a thong. “I saw it and right away thought about Kuro-sama-sensei, so I decided to give him this as his present this year!”

Kurogane was horrified. He was horrified and his face showed it. Fai had to use all his self-control just to keep from laughing.

“I--! Don’t think about people like that!!” Internally, Kurogane winced, because really, that was one piece of advice he himself didn’t follow one bit, with the things he thought of doing to the blonde.

Said blonde, completely oblivious to his “secret” crush’s train of thought, pouted up at him, “But it’s a manly thong!”

THERE’S NO SUCH THING!!!!” Kurogane roared, making to grab Fai and throttle him, but the smaller man was too fast and bolted out of the room, Kurogane chasing him and shouting every curse word he knew.

Running down the hall, Fai turned a corner the first chance he got, only to be greeted by a dead-end. Before his brain could fully process this, he was being spun around and slammed into the wall behind him, Kurogane glaring down at him. Fai simply smiled back up, until something green caught his eye. Tilting his head further up, he saw that it was one of the mistletoe.

Kurogane also glanced up, curious as to what the hell the idiot was staring at, only to make an indignant sound and try to jump back, but Fai was already clinging to the front of his shirt.

“Look, Kuro-tan-sensei! It’s mistletoe!”
“I see it, you damn idiot!” The gym teacher shouted, trying to detach the blonde from him, but the moron could hang on tight as hell when he wanted to.

“You know what that means, right~?” He said lowly, leaning in a bit. Kurogane paused briefly in his struggle at that, before starting up again while trying to keep the blush off his face at the same time.

Within the past year or so that he’d known the chemistry teacher, he’d come to acknowledge that the smaller man was attractive, and then hesitantly, that he was very attracted to the idiot. He had even come to realize that he had a bit of a crush on him, as much as he hated that word because it sounded so childish.

Fai made it painfully obvious he felt the same way, but Kurogane was just so awkward when it came to things like that that he just tried to avoid it completely.

Managing to wrap his arms around the other’s neck and pull him down, Fai pressed a soft, light kiss to Kurogane’s lips, causing him to freeze in shock. After a few seconds, Fai pulled away and the taller followed him before realizing what he was doing.

Blushing madly, he awkwardly closed the distance and gave Fai a peck on the corner of his mouth, causing the blonde to grin wildly, “So, does this mean you’ll wear the thong?”

“Wha-- NO!!!

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