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The Reunion

by SabineSephiroth

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This is a story about love and loss, and reunion...........This story is set in an alternate universe, were Bardock and Taanipu have two little girls in addition to Goku and Raditz. Thing prove interesting when Naruru and Manaoki show up with their female namek friend,Danea.

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Chapter 1, A Budding Love

The Reunion
By: Tatiana

Vegeta looked up at the sky. It was another beautiful, clear day, and by all rights he should've been happy. Lately, though, he had been moody and depressed, like something was missing from his life. His own son couldn't even figure out what was wrong, and he usually could gage what was wrong with his dad just by his behavior. Trunks walked up to his dad and put a hand on his shoulder.

Trunks's voice was cheerful. "Hey dad, what's up? You seem a little blue."
Vegeta sighed. "Your mom filed for divorce today."
Trunks looked absolutely shocked. "Why?! I thought you guys were happy!"
Vegeta shrugged. "Something about how I don't make her happy anymore, how she thinks there's another woman I'm seeing."
Trunks shook his head. "But there is no other woman! I know, because you've been training with me most of the time."
Vegeta sighed. "Well, there is another woman, but it'll be a cold day in hell if I ever see her again, because she died when my planet was destroyed. Her name was Naruru."

Vegeta began his long, sad tale, beginning with Naruru's birth. Bardock paced back and forth in the waiting room, growing more and more agitated as Taanipu's cries grew louder and louder. Finally though, he heard a loud wail and Taanipu's tired, relieved laugh. He ran in to see her cradling a healthy, super-saiyan infant. SUPER-SAIYAN?! Bardock could hardly believe his eyes as he gazed upon the tiny baby girl. He watched with pride as the baby powered down and began to nurse.

Bardock's eyes were misty. "Taanipu.......she's beautiful.........and strong, too. I wish Kakkarot was here to meet his baby sister."
Taanipu stroked the baby's head. "I do too, Bardock. He'd love her, I just know he would."
Bardock smiled, but the smiled quickly faded. "You know, I'm willing to bet Frieza just felt that spike of power."
Taanipu clutched the baby to her chest. "No, Bardock, my love. He already has one of my babies. He's not getting her."
Bardock sat on the bed next to Taanipu. "Don't worry, little Naruru. I won't let anything happen to you."

Naruru grew quickly, as most saiyan children do, and soon became one of Prince Vegeta's favorite sparring partners. They became fast friends, and soon were inseparable. One day, King Vegeta called Bardock to his private quarters. Bardock adjusted his best suit of armor as he walked down the long hallway to the King's quarters. King Vegeta was standing out on the balcony.

Bardock dropped to one knee. "You summoned me, your Majesty?"
King Vegeta gestured to the royal gardens. Vegeta and Naruru, now teens, were walking hand in hand. "My son is quite smitten with your daughter, Captain. I wish to discuss a possible union between the two."
Bardock could hardly believe his ears. "Marriage? My family would be honored that you would choose our daughter as the prince's bride!"

Meanwhile, down in the gardens, Vegeta watched as Naruru bent to pick one of the scarlet trumpet flowers that grew along the path. He gently took it from her hand and tucked it behind her ear. She smiled at him, then wrapped her arms around his neck. Vegeta hugged her back, then looked into her cobalt eyes. She trembled as their lips met, a sweet, tentative kiss. They broke the kiss, then continued to walk through the gardens. Vegeta turned as he heard his father's voice.

"Vegeta! I need to talk to you! Bring Naruru with you!"
Naruru looked at Vegeta. "Are we in trouble, Veggie-kun?"
Vegeta looked bewildered. "I don't know! For my sake, I hope not!"

Vegeta stood before his father in his private quarters, Naruru kneeling beside him, her head down. Being of lower station, such respect was required of her. She was shocked to see her father sitting at the table, enjoying a cup of tea. He winked at her. Naruru trembled as she listened to the King speak.

"Vegeta, I've been watching you and you have feelings for this girl?"
Vegeta stood firm and looked his father in the eye. "Yes, father. I love Naruru. She's all I could ever want in a girl and more."
King Vegeta scratched his goatee. "Bardock has given his blessing for you to have her hand in marriage."
Vegeta stared at his father, and Naruru stared at him. "Truly?"
Bardock smiled. "Yes, Prince Vegeta. Naruru, if you love Prince Vegeta, then you may marry him. I just want my little girl to be happy."
Naruru got up and ran to her father to hug him. "Thanks, daddy."

Vegeta smiled as he looked at his son while taking a break in the story. Trunks was rapt with attention as he listened to the story. Trunks reminded Vegeta so much of himself when he was a teen. Trunks grinned as his dad handed him a pop. Then Vegeta took a deep breath as he began the sad part of his story, the part that told of their separation.
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