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Working With You

by anime_luvin

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Sakura and Syaoran are cops. When Tomoyo is pregnant with Eriol's child, she leave the police force, leaving Sakura with a new and unmet partner. They must work together to solve the crime and learn to trust no one but, themself. The people closest to them may not be who they really are. In this world, anyone can betray you.

*Normal POV*

"Go. Go. Go." urged Sakura to her fellow co-workers. She waved her arm to signal them to move in. They were at a deserted house that haven抰 been use for years. The gates were worn down and the door looked like it could fall apart any minute. Sakura and her co-workers were all dressed in uniform. It was midnight and the full moon lighted their way.

Slowly and steady, they move towards the door. Sakura leaned on the right side of the door while another officer leaned on the left side. Sakura moved her hand, with the gun, towards her side. She waved her hand and a officer slammed into the door. Which, knocked the door down.

The officers rushed in cautiously. Embracing themself of what to come. Slowly Sakura entered looking each way for a sign of anyone. There was no one there.

"Search every angle of the house. Go into every room and if you find anything suspicious, inform me right away.?commanded Sakura, who was half shouting.

Some went upstairs, some searched the kitchen, while others went and look at the items. Each of the officers had a flashlight to light their way from place to place. The rooms were dusty and looked ancient, by the look of it, no one was ever here. Soon, some of the officers returned.

"Did you find anything?", asked Sakura.

They just shook their head sadly. More and more came all shaking their head dismayed. Just then, an officer rushed in.

"Sakura. Dean found something. Come on." said the officer as he hurried off.

Sakura and the other officers followed him. Dean was standing in from of a door which looked like a closet. There were only coats, but the coats looked like it was just worn. Sakura removed it and noticed that there was more to it. There was another door behind the coats.

Sakura motioned the officers towards her. The officers removed the coats. Slowly, Sakura moved her hand toward the knob and turned it. What Sakura saw was a staircase leading to somewhere.

"Come on, but be quiet." warned Sakura.

The stairs made no sound while they walked down, so someone must of fixed it up. Sakura shined the flashlight from left to right, inspecting every angle. Soon, they reached a door which looked newly painted with plain yellow. Again Sakura motion for an officer to open the door. This time, it was Dean who opened the door.

"What in the world?" shouted the man inside the room.

The room was dark. Dean turned on the light. The bed was all the way in the corner unmade. Obviously he was slumbering when they intruded. He was still sleepy and when he saw the guns holden by the officers, he immediately was wide awake. Spotting his gun, he made a quick dash for it. Realizing what he is trying to do, Sakura also made a dash for his gun that was on top of the drawer. Sakura blocked his way and pointed her gun at him. Even though she didn抰 wanted to shoot or anything, she would if she had to and she made that perfectly clear by pointing the gun towards his head with a steady hand.

"Don抰 shoot. I抣l do anything. Just don抰 shoot me." begged the man who was clearly a coward.

Sakura motioned for Emily to handcuff him. Emily was also a female officer and is one of Sakura抯 closest friends.

Two male officers got each of the man抯 shoulders and guided him up the stairs and into the car.

"Good work everyone." complimented Sakura.

They start up the stairs and out the door. The two officers were in the car with the man in it, while Sakura and a handful of other officers got onto the van. Dean, Emily, and Sakura were in the back of the van.

"I heard that your brother got here this week." said Sakura to Emily. Emily shrugged.

"Yeah. I haven抰 seen him in a while and he changed. He seem like a completely different person, but no matter what, I will still love him. Even though he seem like he changed, he is still my brother."

"Tell me about it. Touyo just can抰 get the fact that I am grown up and can take care of myself. He is still too overprotective. Every time he calls the first thing he says is always 慉re you dating anyone, if you are I will make him wish he was never born.?or along those lines."

"I guess I lost my chance. Huh?" tease Dean.

"Hey, do you know who your new partners is going to be? I mean, after Tomoyo resigned, three days ago, you will be needing a new partner. I heard that your new partner is a cop from Hong Kong and is also while respected, just like you. I think you have competition." said Emily.

Sakura sigh.

"I don抰 need a new partner. I can do will just fine by myself, thank you very much. He is never going to take Tomoyo抯 place. I hope this man is going to led us to the end of the line of this crime. It been a wild goose chase for two months and still we haven抰 solve it."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I haven抰 been this irritated since my little sister ruin my best shirt up, while I was wearing it." commented Dean.

"Why did she ruin your shirt and how?" asked a curious Sakura.

"Well, she thought that she could use my shirt to dry the table clean, so she grabbed the sleeve and clean the table. After she was done she said 慜h you better clean your shirt up. You never did know how to stay clean."

"Really?" asked Emily.

"No, she wanted to see my chest." said Dean sarcastically.

Sakura and Emily both laugh at this.

*Syaoran at the airport*******Syaoran抯 POV*

I look out the window and into the white puffy clouds. I would be meeting my new partner tomorrow. I wonder what she would be like. All the girls and women I met drooled over me. They were like pets always following me around, stalking me. At least they won抰 find me in Japan. I wonder if my new partner would be the same. If she is, I haven抰 escape. I heard that she was in a very high rank and is well respected since she caught many criminals, which gain her many enemies. I was also well respected. I wanted to be the best out of the best and I was. I was considered the best out of the force. That was why Len, the head of the force, wanted me to go to Japan and work with someone else equally as good.

I sighed. It would be a miracle if any girl would just leave me alone. They were all boring and annoying. If my new partners are like them, it would be a long crime. I was up for a challenge since I heard that the police force been working on this case for two months. How hard can it be? I was about to found out.

"We are reaching Japan. Passengers, please buckle your seat belt tightly. We are going to land in five minutes. Enjoy your stay." said the voice from the intercom.

*The next day*

Sakura sigh. Her head was placed in her hands. She was going to met her new partner to discuss their case. After he got the basic of the case, they would watch the man being questioned.

The door opened and Diana抯 head poke in. Diana was also a officer, but was new. She only been here for three months and is starting to get the hang of things around here. "Hey, Sakura, Benjamin said for you to go to his office. He said that it had something to do with your new partner. If the guy that just walked into this building is your new partner, you are one lucky girl." with that she left.

Sakura sigh yet again. Slowly, buying her time, she made her way to the door and out of her office. She turned left and walk ahead to the room at the left end of the hall. Sakura raised her fist and knocked twice.

"Come in." said a voice that belonged to Benjamin.

Sakura opened the door and in front of her was Benjamin siting at his desk, with two chairs in front of it. One of the chairs was already seated.

"Sakura, this is your new partner Syaoran Li. Syaoran, this is Sakura Kinomoto. Your office is next to hers. Get acquaint. Sakura, inform him of our case. Ket, that抯 the man you caught, will be questioned today at noon. You many leave now."

Sakura and Syaoran left the room. When they were out, Sakura didn抰 say anything but led him to his office.

*Syaoran抯 POV*

I was surprised that this Kinomoto didn抰 react the same as the others did. Maybe she is different. Who am I kidding? She is just acting in front of Benjamin. Girls and women are no different. They think you are some sort of toy and do whatever to get them.

*Sakura抯 POV*

I don抰 get what Diana said about me being lucky. I am unlucky to be stuck with a partner. I sigh. Not talking to him, I just lead him to his office. Men were all boring and should not be trusted.

*Normal POV*

"This is your office and mine is that one." pointed Sakura at the door a few feet away.

"I heard." muttered Syaoran. Sakura didn抰 bother making a comeback. She opened the door to her office and walked in leaving the doors opened. Syaoran followed her inside and looked around. Cabinets were next to her desk and sofas were at the side of the door. Two chairs were at the corner of the room.

Sakura opened her cabinets and went through the files.


Syaoran pulled one of the chairs at the far end of the room and pulled it in from of Sakura抯 desk.

Sakura opened the files and started to explain the case.

"We been on the case for two months. This guy, we presume, is making fake dollar bills and is involved in several other murders and crime. The fake dollar bills, are not like any we seen before. If you raise it up to the light, you will think it is a real bill. The only way to distinguish it from a real dollar bill, is by placing the real one over the fact one." said Sakura, while showing Syaoran this.

"As you can see, the lines don抰 line up. We have reason to believe that the person realizes this and is making a whole new batch. If he does, it will be harder to distinguish. We must stop him from doing so. He is incredibly dangerous. He killed many people who are his this way. Just last month, he killed this man who saw him making fake money. The man he killed didn抰 finish explaining before he was shot." said Sakura and let out a sigh.

"He is wise and does not make deals and business in his real form. He has his henchman do it for him. Just last night, we went and caught one of his henchman. His name is Ket. He has been doing most of the business. With him, we can get sources and where the guy may be. This would also mean that the person behind this would also figure this out."

"Any questions?" asked Sakura.

"And I was here thinking that you were one of the best. Oh, how wrong I was. You can抰 even solve this case. What抯 so hard. I say, you are not the best of the best. I am the best of the best and I am going to prove it by solving this case by myself, without anyone抯 help."

Sakura raised from her seat as fast as you can blink an eye and raised her fist. "Why you! How dare you insult me! Who in the world do you think you are. You think I would want to work with you?! As if! If I didn抰 have to, you would be long gone! Now, you are here saying that I am not good?! Who do you think you are?! Fine with me! I can work alone just fine, thank you very much!" yelled Sakura who was speaking her sentences with exclamation marks.

"Fine by me. I work alone. Whoever solve this case first is the best out of the best." said Syaoran emotionlessly.

"Now, if you don抰 mind, GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!" shouted Sakura.

"Ouch! You don抰 have to be so loud about it." said Syaoran, who was rubbing his ears to check if he went deaf.

Syaoran pushed his chair back and got up.

"Whoever loses has to admit defeat. Get ready to make your defeat speech." smirked Syaoran.

"OUT!" exclaimed Sakura.

Syaoran opened the door and got out, closing the door with a click.

*Sakura抯 POV*

How dare he. Who does he think he is? The leader? The best? I'll show him. Trying to make a fool of me, huh? Never in a million years.

*Syaoran抯 POV*

With a smirk, I left Kinomoto抯 office. This would be amusing. Well, maybe I was wrong that she would be like every women I met. She acted as if I was every other men in the world. This is going to be fun.

*Normal POV*

Sakura and Syaoran both went to the place where Ket would be questioned. "I said, I don抰 know anything. I don抰 know what you are talking about. I抦 innocent I tell you. I抦 innocent." countered Ket with his rough and croaked voice. His face only showed worries and fright. Ket's eyes were plain old brown and was unsteady.

Sakura sigh. They were getting nothing out of him so far. This was going to be long.

"Let me say it again. Who is your boss? Who is behind this? Where is he? Tell me everything you know." said Benjamin.

"I already told you, I don抰 know anything. I don抰 even know what you are talking about." answered Ket.

"Then, tell me, why do you have a suitcase full of fake dollar bills?"

"I . . ."

"Think about it. Do you really think your boss will care if you are caught?"

"Of course he will . . ."

"Yes, he will. He will because he is afraid if you will give us any information."

"NO! He won抰. He cares about everyone."

"So tell me, who is he?"

"I don抰 know!"

"How can you not? You just admitted that you have a boss and he is behind all of this. Now spill. Who is he? Where is he hiding?"

"I don抰 know!"

Benjamin looked at the officer standing at the door.

"Take him away. We will continue to question him tomorrow."

The officer took Ket, who抯 hand was still cuffed.Sakura stood up and left with Syaoran behind her.

"This is going to be harder than I thought it would be. Ket just won抰 spill anything." thought Syaoran.

*At night*

Sakura was in bed, but couldn抰 sleep. She was thinking about the case. Something didn抰 feel right here. She felt that she is missing something about the whole thing and the feeling just wouldn抰 leave her alone. If was as if she missed an important fact, but she didn抰 know what. Sakura looked up at the ceiling. Her eyes got used to the dark and could see the outline of the light.

Sakura sigh. She knew she was missing something, but what. Something about the case just wasn抰 right.Just then, the phone next to Sakura抯 bed rang.


"Sakura, this is Dean. Come here to the station quick. There is a big problem." Sakura got nervous. What could it be? Did it have something to do with why she feels that she was missing a fact?

"What is it? What happened there?" asked Sakura.

"Ket, he . . . he . . ."

"He what?"

"He died."

Sakura dropped the phone and rushed to get dressed.

*Sakura抯 POV*

This must be it. This must be why I feel so weird. The person behind the fake dollar bills, must of got someone to kill him so he will never speak again. If he dies, he will be shut off forever and they will get no information out of him. Gr . . . why haven抰 I thought of it before? I knew something was wrong. I hate it when my feelings are right. Now, the only one who we can get information off of is now dead. We are empty handed again. He was too smart for us again.

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