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Changeling Ways

by Lunar

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The 'I-don't-know-where-this-is-going' story of an oddly named girl.

Chapter 1, Initial


Welcome to Changeling Ways. Rhaine and Nykur (once called Finn) are two characters that have been circling in my mind since I was thirteen; they've just been waiting for a world to inhabit.

I'm not a writer, but I like to write. My point is, this is just an extended ramble of sorts, and right now, I'm just writing snippets of something for fun. I'm heavily inspired by Final Fantasy VIII and Tales of Symphonia, and recently, for some inexplicable reason, FFXIII. Hence the steriotypical RPG feel xD

I love to make up names and places, and as such, they have strange names as some are taken from real words and others are purely made up. And while the misspelling of Rhaine's name may be a little rediculous, she's been with me for so long that I've grown accustomed to it. That's all you need to know, I guess!


The World - Ter Temata

Del'ren could be called a country. It takes up most of one of five continents in the world, and contains the cities/towns below.

The city of Coral is one of many villages in the region of Del'ren. Despite being a city, Rhaine refers to it as a town due to its relatively small population. Yet, when comparased to a number of other towns that dot the countryside, Coral is most definitely a city. It's popluation is approximately 10,000 people. It is chiefly a city of farmers and craftsmen, and is host to an anual harvest festival, as well as the festival for the moon.


South Ignis: Once part of the nation of Amaranth, South Ignis became a separate entity from its northern counterpart in the Old War. Despite carrying the title of 'south', there is no 'North Ignis'. It's chief industry is an iron mine just outside the city. Its population is about 6,500 people.


North Gelidus: Once part of the nation of Amaranth, North Gelidus split from its southern counterpart in the Old War. It is much smaller than South Ignis. Despite carrying the title of 'north', there is no 'South Gelidus'. A city of scholars, its citizens harbour much contempt for Southern Ignites, deemed unintelligent and brutish yokels by the vast majority of Gelidians. Its population is approximately 3,000 people.


Amaranth: A once magnificent nation, a brutal war lasting eighty-three years created a deep rift between what would come to be known as North Gelidus and South Ignis.




Main Character: Rhaine Faireway [Rain Fair-way]

Features:silver-blue eyes, long, black hair with greenish-blue tinges, small, pointed ears

Attire: flowing clothes, particularly long dresses and skirts

Likes: beautiful places and objects, cats, and broccoli

Dislikes: dogs, loud people, and cauliflower

Age: 17



A calico-tabby cat. He is tempermental and dislikes being held, and seldom meows in favour of delievering particularily harsh glares, as only cats can do.

Attire: lacks a collar

Likes: the moon

Dislikes: loudmouths and reckless children (they do love to pull his tail)

Age: About 5 human years



To be updated when more characters are introduced :}

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