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Legend of Zelda:Stones of Destiny (Past)

by ShadowKnil

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Link's quest for his histroy now begins with the search for the Guardian Stones. They will lead him to his destiny.

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Chapter 1, A New Journey Begins

In a land far, far away there lives a boy. A boy who is like no other because he is the key to many mysteries in the land of Paradise. This land is where he will find out why he has been chosen to be the warrior of destiny and the savior of the world. This story begins with Link, the boy, at his 15th birthday. He is opening his presents when some bushes start to rustle. Then there was a "ROAR!" and a scream. The scream was Link himself as a griffin was carrying him away.

"Hello young warrior of destiny. I am in need of your help. I am the guardian of a land that is being destroyed at a rapid pace. All I can tell you is that you must find our Guardian Stones that hold the essence of this land." The mythical beast explained to Link as they were flying into the horizon.

"Where are you taking me?" Link wanted to know.

"I am taking you to the land of Paradise. It is through a portal of which I have entered this world. During your visit to my land, you will undergo many gruling trials to see if you are the true savior of this world. I know that the first trial is to find the ancient sage. He will direct you to the next place where you have to go. He will also explain to you why you have been chosen." The animal-like beast told Link as they traveled through the swirling mass that was hovering in the air. Link lost all sense of everything around him. He saw images in his mind. These images twisted every thought that Link had into nothingness. Th images were of different places because he recognized some of them as places in Hyrule. There was he Temple of Time, Castle Hylia, and the Great Deku Tree, the one who had brought him up as a child. What he couldn't decipher were pictures of a monestary, a vast lake that wasn't Lake Hylia because he remembered the temple that was in the center and the land mass that it was built into, and finally he saw a place of stars and chaos. That last image made Link think of what he would dream about, even before he had visions of Ganondolf chasing the princess. This place was where he first met a darling young lady who told him of Ganondolf and his plans. he remembered it quite clearly. After a second the images disappeared, and Link found himself surrounded by dead trees. He picked himself up from the ground and looked around to aclimate himself with the land. He noticed that there was many dead trees all around him and that the sky was reddened by the dying sun. When his eyes darted to the griffin he noticed tht he turned to stone and became dust as he placed his hand upon the face. Link went wandering around, looking for any place that a person would live. He ended up in a town. He wondered how a town could survive in a place like this, but he shrugged it off and entered the town.
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