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Legend of Zelda:Stones of Destiny (Past)

by ShadowKnil

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, LegendOfZelda, Series

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Link's quest for his histroy now begins with the search for the Guardian Stones. They will lead him to his destiny.

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Chapter 2, The Search for the Sage

When Link looked at the town name he saw that it was called Lang. The town of Lang had in its courtyard, Fire and Stone statues of griffins. Link wandered around asking people if they knew any such sages with any ties to the Guardian Stones. His efforts were in vain because no one knew any thing about the Guardian Stones nor the sage. He went into a store and looked around. He saw a shield, a bundle of arrows, a wand, some bugs, a spell book, and a fairy. Link bought a shield, but he couldn't afford any thing else. So Link went along and exited the city of Lang. When he went out of the town he noticed something he didn't when he entered the town: a hidden cave in an inset of a cliff. The deadness around it made it almost impossible to see when entering the town. Link went climbing to the cave and slipped a little above the half way, but he grabbed on to a dead branch. He propped himself up on the ledge and sidled on the edge to get to the cave. Inside the cave was the old sage that the griffin hd lead him to. The sage greeted Link and they started to talk about the history of the land of Paradise.
"Link, you must understand that your life has been intertwined into this whole mess of things. You are our savior, but where is the other messanger from a forieng land that was suppose to come with you?" The sage questioned Link.

"I was the only one who the Griffin captured. All he said was to search for you and to ask about the Guardian Stones." Link answered the old wizard.

"You mean you have met the guardian of this land!?!?!? Only truely gifted warriors are awarded with his presence. So now you are to be trusted with the secrets of this land. that he had lived through the Age of the Stones. The age itself only lasted 100 years, so it had little effect on the history of this land. The Dark Age began about 200 years ago when a stupid fool opened the chest that was containing the stones and that fool dropped them and they shattered to pieces those pieces are the missing Guardian Stones. The Guardian who was inside those stones was released and was able to wreak havoc and chaos to the people of Paradise. The mighty sages of the Stone Era sealed the Guardian up eons and eons ago. Before this era there was a great evil walking the land. It was said that anyone who touched it would be consumed by evil. This evil was the source of all-evil on the land of Paradise. The evil was terrorizing the land, so a band of fearless magi formed a group that was called Fiends for they looked deformed and were outcasts. The group had enchanted a group of 7 stones to encase the daemon. When they cast the spell to encase it they made it so the even if only one was broken that the barrier would be shattered. So when that fool dropped the stones and shattered them to 14 pieces they opened a portal to which the daemon was able to enter this world again. This sage disappeared and Link was left with only a slingshot, a sword and a puff of smoke. Link picked up both the slingshot and the sword and went down the cave.
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